U.S. Peace Corps volunteers return to El Salvador. The organization left the country in 2016

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Sep 8th, 2023
U.S. Peace Corps volunteers return to El SalvadorWilliam Duncan, Alexandra Hill Tinoco, and Carol Spahn. Photo by cancilleriasv

Seven years ago, the Peace Corps departed El Salvador, driven by escalating insecurity; it represented a setback for grassroots development efforts in the country. However, by 2023, security has improved, and the Peace Corps is returning.

Yesterday, September 7, Peace Corps Director Carol Spahn, alongside the Minister of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador Alexandra Hill Tinoco and the U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador William Duncan, announced the re-establishment of Peace Corps operations in El Salvador.

“We’re excited to announce Peace Corps back in El Salvador! This moment heralds a new chapter & we’re excited to renew our partnership with the people of El Salvador.” Peace Corps.

The Peace Corps, the prevalent American volunteer organization, withdrew operations in El Salvador in 2016 due to the country’s insecurity; 2015 and 2016 were two of the most violent years in El Salvador’s history.

“Today, we, mark the re-establishment of the Peace Corps in El Salvador and our renewed commitment to a shared vision of community improvements and sustainable growth,” said Ambassador Duncan.

“Thanks to the good security climate that El Salvador now has, the Peace Corps , will return to volunteer in our territory,” stated the Foreign Ministry of El Salvador.

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The country’s security has drastically improved under the Bukele administration; the country has a low homicide rate and has achieved over 400 days with zero homicides.

Peace Corps volunteers represent the best of the U.S. and strengthen our interpersonal connections around the world. I am delighted that the Peace Corps will return to El Salvador, where they will work alongside local partners to promote education and inclusive and sustainable development. U.S. embassy in El Salvador.

According to the U.S. ambasy in El Salvador, since 1962, more than 2,300 Peace Corps Volunteers have supported community and youth development projects across El Salvador.