7 Interesting Facts About El Salvador

El Salvador is becoming one of the most popular countries to visit for many travelers. What is special about this place? What are the most incredible facts you need to know about it? Discover the most exciting data about El Salvador below.

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The Country’s Nickname Is a Land of Volcanoes

The most impressive fact about El Salvador is that it has dozens of volcanoes. According to the freshest data, over 100 volcanoes are located in this small country. What is more, many of them are active and might start erupting anytime. If you are wondering, what is the highest volcano in the area, it is Santa Ana.

What is more, the volcanoes remain a part of the country’s flag, along with the blue and white stripes and the triangle.

The Name of the Country Means “The Savior”

El Salvador received its name when the Spanish landed on its territory. Earlier, the name of the country was much longer, but it was abbreviated.

The Country Doesn’t Have an Atlantic Sea Coastline

Many students believe that El Salvador is washed by the Caribbean city. However, this is a common mistake you should know about. The truth is that the land is only washed by the Pacific Ocean.

El Salvador Is a Dream Place for Surfers

Every year, thousands of surfers visit the country to enjoy the amazing waves that are a common thing for the country’s beaches. The high season for surfing is from May to October. Therefore, if you are fond of this kind of sport, make sure to visit the country during this time.

The country has plenty of brilliant places for your surfing activities. However, the most popular are Sunzal and Las Flores. It is also worth mentioning that many local and international water sports competitions are held in El Salvador. Surely, surfing is one of the most popular ones.

The Country Can’t Boast of Being a Safe Place

According to recent data, the country has the highest murder rate in the world. If you believe that Mexico and Belize are among the most dangerous countries, you are wrong. Unfortunately, many people are still being killed in the country, while the rates of other types of crimes are above average. If you plan to visit El Salvador, take care of your safety and make sure to choose accommodation in one of the popular tourist places rather than remote districts.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Late

The truth is that most locals are always late. They are never in a hurry and usually fail to come on time. As a rule, you will need to wait for at least half an hour for your meeting. Punctuality is not about the locals. The same thing is expected from you – don’t hesitate to come late.
By the way, if you come to visit some local people, avoid leaving right after having meals or snacks. Otherwise, you might be considered a rude person. You are expected to stay for at least an hour and communicate with different people around you.

Coffee from El Salvador Has the World Fame

The country is famous for its top-notch quality coffee beans. If you are drinking a cup of coffee when reading this post, the chances are that it was made from beans grown in El Salvador. The reason is that this land is included in the top-five largest coffee producers in the world. Moreover, there are plenty of sorts and varieties of coffee beans available on the country’s plantations.

All in all, El Salvador is an unforgettable place with astonishing landscapes, amazing nature, and lots of sightseeing. If you are fond of surfing, don’t hesitate to book a ticket to visit the country. However, make sure to visit only public places and avoid remote areas since El Salvador is not a safe place for both locals and foreigners. Keep safe and enjoy a fantastic vacation!