Salvadoran Legislative Assembly Approves Free Public Transportation During Election Day

By Karla Ramos  |  Feb 1st, 2024
El Salvador TransportationPublic Transportation in El Salvador. Image by VMTElSalvador.

During the January 31 plenary session, the Salvadoran Legislative Assembly approved a provisional decree providing a subsidy to the public transportation sector.

The objective of this decree is to guarantee that on the upcoming election days, February 4 and March 3, the public transportation service will be free of charge.

FREE, this is how public transport will be this coming February 4. All Salvadorans who wish to use this means to vote will not pay a single cent at the national level. We will experience a civic festivity in which no one should be left without participating. Ernesto Castro, legislative Assembly President.

The provisional decree received bipartisan support, with 74 of the 84 legislators voting in favor of the measure.

With 74 votes in favor, we issue transitional provisions for the provision of free public transportation service on February 4 and March 3 to facilitate the mobilization of the population to the different voting centers established by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal. Legislative Assembly.

According to statements by the deputies, these measures seek to facilitate the mobilization of Salvadorans to the different voting centers to vote.

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This measure is of imperative compliance for the public transportation sector, and failure to comply with this provision will be sanctioned according to the Transportation, Land, Traffic, and Road Safety Law.

The legislature also approved a legislative decree, which establishes that private and public companies grant permission and other facilities to their workers who have to work on election day so that they can go and cast their votes.

Salvadorans will have free transportation for the February 4 Presidential and legislative Assembly elections and the March 3 municipal elections.

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Public transportation serves as the primary mode of commuting for most Salvadorans. The transitional decree is designed to assist citizens in fulfilling their civic duty by ensuring free access to transportation during election day.