Salvadoran Authorities Provide a Final Balance of Emergencies Attended During the Holy Week

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Apr 2nd, 2024

Yesterday, the Salvadoran authorities that make up the National Civil Protection Commission (PROCIVIL) announced the final balance of the emergencies attended to within the framework of the Summer 2024 Plan, which corresponds to the Easter holiday period.

Luis Alonso Amaya, the Civil Protection director, reported that between March 23 and April 1, 156 water rescues took place, comprising 84 deep rescues and 72 simple ones.

Amaya also reported that another of the emergencies attended to was the rescue of 20 tourists and their guide, who had gotten lost in the Chinchontepec volcano, San Vicente.

Regarding fires, PROCIVIL reported 307 incidents, categorized as follows: 231 in brush, 18 in forestry areas, 26 structural fires, 24 in garbage dumps, and eight involving vehicles. “This emergency left a total of nine people injured,” announced PROCIVIL.

In summary, during Holy Week, the National Civil Protection Commission documented 156 water rescues, 20 mountain rescues, 307 fires, and 414 traffic accidents. Also during this period, 153 people were arrested for intoxicated driving.

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Throughout the Easter week holidays, 414 accidents were documented, resulting in 276 injuries and 32 fatalities.

In total, the Easter holidays left 41 dead in El Salvador; 32 of these deaths or 78% were due to traffic accidents and the rest were the result of drownings.

According to authorities, nine people drowned during the Easter Week, but in places classified as private.

With all propriety, we can say that during this vacation we have had zero deaths due to drownings on public beaches where lifeguards or trained personnel have been located. Luis Amaya, director of Civil Protection.

The Summer 2024 plan overseen by PROCIVIL began last Saturday, March 23, one day before the start of Holy Week, with the participation of all humanitarian institutions, in addition to the National Civil Police, the Armed Forces of El Salvador, the Ministry of Health, Fosalud, the Ministry of Public Works, and other government institutions.

Easter Week is one of the most anticipated Salvadoran holidays; however, this period is known for traffic accidents and fatalities.

Historically, this period has witnessed a significant loss of life due to accidents and drownings, emphasizing the importance of safety precautions and vigilance.