Nine Best Places to Visit in El Salvador

El Salvador may be a small country, but it is culturally and geographically diverse. This breathtaking ‘must-see’ location is located on the Pacific Ocean in the heart of Central America. In addition, El Salvador has a variety of interior attractions, including extensive coffee plantation and, of course, volcanoes.

Are you considering a vacation to El Salvador? Don’t be concerned! The nine finest locations to visit in Salvador are listed below.

1. Surf Village El Tunco

Without a question, one of the most well-known spots to visit in El Salvador, especially for a little surf town. El Tunco is all about water sports, and thousands of surfers travel to the coast of El Salvador to demonstrate their prowess.

Suurf at El Tunco beach
Surfing at El Tunco beach

El Tunco is consistently ranked among the finest things to do in El Salvador, and even if you aren’t a surfer, you won’t want to miss it if you visit the country. If you face anxiety before surfing, you can try the best CBD gummies for anxiety and can say bye-bye to anxiety. Natural supplements like CBD will not harm you so try them out to make yourself comfortable and relaxed.

Be confident and don’t miss the awesome surfing experience there. Water sports are full of adventure and thrill so go on and must try it when you’re in Salvador.

2. Mizata – A Coastal Town with A Hidden Gem

Our next El Salvador tourist destination is Mizata, which is located on the Pacific coast. El Tunco is a quiet seaside hamlet that caters to surfers. However, if you find El Tunco to be too touristic, travel to Mizata.

Mizata may not have much going on, but it is here that you will find the true spirit of El Salvador. The perfect location to relax on the beach in El Salvador is this laid-back, off-the-beaten-path spot.

3. Suchitoto Is a Colonial Town in Cuscatlan.

Suchitoto is a quiet, colorful ancient village with beautiful views of the mountains around Lago Suchitlán. The little township not only offers beautiful colonial architectural and historic sites, but it is also a fantastic spot to go for outdoor sports. If you’re looking for art, go to the Centro Arte para la Paz, which is both a museum and a monastery.

Suchitoto El Salvador
Suchitoto El Salvador. Photo by @wsalamanca

4. El Salvador’s Biggest Lake, Lake Suchitlán

The largest (man-made) lake in El Salvador is within a short distance from Suchitoto. The Cerro Grande dam was built in 1976, and the lake was created as a result.

A boat trip over Lake Suchitlan is, of course, the most popular activity. However, try kayaking at Lake Suchitlan if you’re searching for a more active excursion.

5. The Historic Center of San Salvador

San Salvador is El Salvador’s capital and its economic, cultural, and political hub. While not all of San Salvador’s neighborhoods are worth seeing, the historic center is undoubtedly a tourist destination worth adding to your list of things to do in El Salvador.

San Salvador historic downtown
San Salvador historic downtown.

San Salvador’s dignified natural beauty gives it an excellent starting point for seeing any of the country’s tourism destinations. Just around the corner are beautiful volcanoes, magnificent crater lakes, and parks.

6. El Salvador’s Santa Ana Volcano Is a Popular Tourist Attraction.

Are you planning a vacation to El Salvador and want to enjoy some outdoor activities? If you answered yes, you should go to Cerro Verde National Park and walk up to the rim of El Salvador’s tallest volcano, Santa Ana.

The emerald crater lakes of the Santa Ana Volcano are undoubtedly one of the greatest locations to see in El Salvador, and accessing them requires a 1.5-hour trek from the Parque Nacional Cerro Verde gate.

7. Hikes with Spectacular Views May Be Found at The Cerro Verde National Park.

The Cerro Verde National Park is home to the beautiful Santa Ana Volcano, but there’s more to the park than the magnificent Santa Ana volcano. The Park is named for the Cerro Verde volcano, which is often regarded to be the most popular.

8. Santa Ana – Historic City Atmosphere

Tourists flock to Santa Ana for its early twentieth-century neo-Gothic church, ornately adorned theatre, and attractive main square. Teatro de Santa Ana is the name of the theatre, while Parque Libertad is the name of the major square. Visitors may occasionally be able to attend a live performance in the theatre, which would be a fantastic experience for art enthusiasts.

9. La Palma Is a Popular Destination for Backpackers.

Without a visit to this charming mountain hamlet, your vacation to El Salvador would be incomplete. La Palma is found in the country’s Chalatenango department. You’ll notice interesting graffiti and paintings on the walls as you travel through the city.

La Palma in Chalatenango
La Palma in Chalatenango. Photo by Sivar Cultura.

A visit to La Palma is well worth it, especially for art enthusiasts, with everything from wall paintings and town murals to workshops, old-fashioned Llort-inspired souvenirs, and the mosaic Central Park.

UNESCO World Heritage Site Joya De Ceren. Joya de Ceren is a Mayan town that has been exceptionally well maintained. The inhabitants who formerly resided there were escaping an eruption of Laguna de Caldera when the hamlet was abandoned in a hurry in 640 AD.

Joya de Ceren is known for its beautiful landmarks and rich cultural history. It is El Salvador’s sole UNESCO World Heritage Site.