Salvadoran government confirms that 2020 closed with a significant crime reduction.

By Eddie Galdamez
Friday, January 1st, 2021 2:14 pm

El Salvador Security
Security Minister Rogelio Rivas & Police director Mauricio Arriaza Chicas

On December 31st, 2020, the Salvadoran Ministry of security informed that El Salvador closed the year with a significant reduction in homicides and other crimes.

According to the Ministry of Security, 2020 finished with a considerable reduction in the principal crimes that affect Salvadorans. “These drastic reductions are thanks to the Salvadoran Police (PNC) work and the implementation of the Territorial Control Plan.” Stated the Ministry of security.

Compared to 2019, extortion had a reduction of 36.5%, total homicides had a drop of 44.9%, the number of missing persons fell by 35%, and murders of women decreased by 43.7%.

2020 Numbers
Photo by @SeguridadSV
Compared to 2019, which had a second half of the year with a record lowering of homicides and other crimes. The great challenge, now, will be that 2021 beats 2020.President Bukele on Twitter.

For the longest time, El Salvador has been considered one of the world’s most violent countries. The country’s daily homicide rate hit its peak in 2015 with 18.2 Salvadorans getting killed every day. in 2020, under the Nayib Bukele presidency, that number is reduced to 3.6 homicides per day.

Homicides in El Salvador since 2010.

Year Total Daily
2020 1193 3.6
2019 2390 6.54
2018 3340 9.15
2017 3954 10.83
2016 5289 14.49
2015 6666 18.26
2014 3912 10.71
2013 2499 6.84
2012 2594 7.10
2011 4371 11.97
2010 4004 10.96

Since becoming president, Nayib Bukele has made El Salvador security one of his main priorities. President Bukele created the security plan called “Territorial control plan,” which is at the center of these results.

Security Minister Rogelio Rivas implements the security plan alongside the police director Mauricio Arriaza Chicas and defense minister Rene Merino Monroy.

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