San Salvador Mayor’s Office to Impose Fines for Street Crossing Violations

By Karla Ramos  |  Mar 14th, 2024

To minimize incidents and encourage a culture of pedestrian safety, the San Salvador Mayor’s Office has reaffirmed its commitment to apply fines to individuals who cross streets outside designated walkways.

The San Salvador city hall will enforce article 62 of the Ordinance for Citizen Coexistence, which specifies fines of $15 to $50 for those pedestrians who cross the road or road outside the pedestrian zone and do not use the walkways.

Pedestrians must use the properly marked crossways if they are less than 10 meters away. This measure that seeks to improve road safety was approved in 2012.

The capital’s mayor’s office is promoting a dissemination plan for the Ordinance for Citizen Coexistence, which establishes fines for people who do not use the walkways to cross streets where there are no “zebra crossings.” San Salvador Mayor’s Press Office.

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The San Salvador Mayor’s Press Office informed that Mayor Mario Duran had instructed the Corps of Municipal Agents (CAM) “to carry out preventive actions to reduce incidents and create a citizen culture regarding the use of walkways.”

Francisco Lopez Escobar, Director of CAM San Salvador, stated that in the last year, they issued over 800 fines and gave more than 50 warnings. “In the current year, we’ve given 327 fines and delivered over 10,000 warnings,” remarked Lopez Escobar.

City Hall also stated that they would implement different actions to keep walkways clean and free of street vendors.

According to an observational study of pedestrian behavior carried out in November 2023 in the Metropolitan Area of San Salvador, only one in 10 pedestrians uses walkways to cross the streets, despite the existence of these structures for years.

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City Hall is implementing Article 62 to diminish pedestrian accidents and safeguard the well-being of families in the capital.

These measures aim to both penalize offenders and educate the community about the importance of using walkways for road safety.

The mayor’s office expects that these measures will contribute to changing pedestrian habits and reducing the incidence of accidents on the streets of San Salvador.