3,000 Salvadorans Will Be Able to Travel to Canada and Work Legally Next Year

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Dec 7th, 2023
Rolando Castro Salvadoran Labor MinisterRolando Castro Salvadoran Labor Minister.

Yesterday, December 6, Rolando Castro, the Minister of Labor in El Salvador, announced during a press conference that El Salvador will place 3,000 new workers in Canada next year.

The Minister of Labor remarked that various companies have requested the outstanding Salvadoran workforce. “This month alone, more than 200 people will travel to work in Canada,” expressed Castro.

This accomplishment stems from a recent tour by the Minister of Labor throughout the North American country, during which he engaged with entrepreneurs from various sectors and unions representing key industries in that nation.

We had meetings on our Canada tour with farmer businessmen! We discussed job opportunities for Salvadorans in the agricultural sector. Their interest in hiring workers from El Salvador is a sign of confidence in our workforce. We are committed to strengthening management and generating decent employment for our compatriots. Rolando Castro.

Castro clarified that the visit had dual purposes. Firstly, it aimed to assess the working conditions of individuals already participating in the program in Canada. Secondly, it sought to convey to employers that El Salvador is open to new investments.

“The idea was to encourage many businessmen that there is a new vision led by president Nayib Bukele who has guaranteed public and legal security,” communicated Castro.

“This tour alone will leave 3,000 placements for next year, there are 3,000 families that will change their lives. The most likely thing is that they will come out in the first quarter of next year,” highlighted the Labor Minister.

Emphasizing the Executive’s efforts, Rolando Castro highlighted that by 2024, thousands of workers would be traveling to Canada and working legally.

According to information provided by the minister, this year, around 10,000 Salvadoran workers were placed between the United States and Canada, all with a legal status.

Furthermore, he revealed plans to travel next week to finalize an agreement with a third country set to join the Labor Migration Program, an initiative he concluded as transformative for the lives of their people.

The Labor Migration Program created by the current administration has helped thousands of families improve their lives in El Salvador by legally working abroad and earning higher wages than in El Salvador.