Should Marijuana for medicinal purposes in El Salvador be legalize?

December 1st, 2019

Marijuana for medicinal purposes in El Salvador is illegal. Over the last few months, a hot topic in the news is the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Obviously, there is a lot of people against it and of course a lot of people who think it should be legal.

In my personal case, I am for it, if it’s for medicinal purposes; a close relative of mine passed away due to cancer back in 2010.

I saw firsthand the pain that some cancer patients have to endure during the treatment.

This happened in the United States; the doctor who was attending the patient recommended medical marijuana as a way of dealing with the pain.

However, my relative went against it, not because it can be addictive and could have side effects, but because of religious believes and what others would think of her.

The senator or “Diputado” Francis Zablah is the one that has been pushing this initiative and also talks about it with an open mind.

After speaking to a lot of people in regards to this topic, I arrived at the following conclusions.

The older generations are against it because of religious beliefs, on the other hand, the younger generation is more open to the idea.

Nonetheless, both the older and younger generation worried about people abusing the system, and also that more people could get hooked on drugs.

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I am not advocating for anyone to get involved in this issue, either for it or against it. I believe that this will be a hot topic of discussion in EL Salvador over the next few years.

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