Alegria El Salvador. Picturesque mountain town.

By Eddie  |  Sunday, April 19th, 2020
Alegria El Salvador

Alegria El Salvador is a colorful small town located at a high altitude in the department of Usulutan. The Alegria lagoon or Laguna de Alegria is its most popular attraction.

The municipality is located at an altitude of over 1,200 meters above sea level. The refreshing climate helps the many thriving local plant nurseries, some of which specialize in tropical flowers such as orchids and varieties of bromeliads.

Alegria El Salvador

Also, because of the high altitude and colder climate, Alegria is a top producer of coffee; here, you will find some of the best types of coffee produced in El Salvador.

The town is well-known for many things, such as the colder climate, the local coffee, and many others. However, Alegria is most famous for the Alegria lagoon or Laguna de Alegria in Spanish.

La Laguna de Alegria or the Alegria lagoon.

The Alegria lagoon is one of the top reasons people venture into this small colorful town; the lagoon is a national protected area on the outskirts of the city.

The Alegria lagoon, also known as the Emerald of Central America, is located inside the crater of the dormant Tecapa volcano.

The laguna grows into brilliant emerald green, especially in bright sunlight, which is caused by the sulfur and other minerals found in the volcano crater.

The deepest part of the lagoon is the center; however, most visitors will not swim in it. Most visitors enjoy the beauty of the Alegria lagoon from a distance, instead of going into the water.

Now, for those of you who like local stories, there is a myth that a mermaid lives in the lagoon, which drowns good-looking men who dare to go into the water, especially at night.

From the town of Alegria to the lagoon, it is roughly about 2.2 kilometers. You can either drive on the dirt road to the Alegria lagoon or hike all the way there through coffee plantations and dirt paths.

On a sad note, due to climate change, the Alegria lagoon is starting to decay. So, to better appreciate this lagoon, it is better to visit during the wet season or winter, which is from May to October.

Alegria El Salvador

Visiting the town of Alegria El Salvador.

The town of Alegria is located in the northern part of the department of Usulutan, about 140 kilometers from San Salvador, the nation’s capital.

This tranquil mountain municipality is visited by locals and foreigners, who are looking for a pleasant cozy town, with plenty of character and a colder climate. Undoubtedly, Alegria is an ideal location to escape the hectic daily routine of larger cities.

During your visit or stay in Alegria, you can try the local cuisine; or some of the typical Salvadoran foods such as pupusas, tamales, enchiladas, and others.

This town is also an ideal place for coffee lovers; while visiting, you can sample the local coffee products or visit a coffee farm and see how the coffee-making process works.

Visiting the town of Alegria, it should be in your list of places to visit in El Salvador.

Alegria El Salvador

Alegria El Salvador.

Visit the colorful town of Alegria, it has plenty of character and activities for visitors to enjoy and experience.

Stay in town and go shopping, sample the local coffee, immerse with the local culture, and try the local cuisine.

Also, you can complete your visit to Alegria, with a visit to the coffee plantations; or a two-kilometer hike up to the Alegria lagoon. This small colorful town is worth visiting!

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