Berlin El Salvador. Charming Municipality in Usulutan

By Karla Ramos  |  Dec 4th, 2022
Berlin El SalvadorBerlin El Salvador

Berlin El Salvador is both a city and a municipality located in the department of Usulutan. Berlin sits on the Tecapa-Chinameca mountain range, which is located about 122 kilometers east of the capital city, San Salvador.

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The Tecapa-Chinameca mountain range includes at least five volcanic cones. They are the Tecapa volcano, the Usulutan volcano, Cerro El Tigre, El Payacal dry lagoon, and the Alegria lagoon. Also, in addition to Berlin, the mountain range includes the cities of Alegria and Santiago de Maria.

Berlin Usulutan
Hill of the Cross. Photo by: @_gerardocastro_

The person credited with building and naming the town is Serafin Brennen, a German citizen living in the area at the time. Therefore, because a German citizen built the city and also gave it its name, many Salvadoran believe that Berlin is a city built by Germans. Undoubtedly,

This municipality is part of a tourist route called the Route of a Thousand Summits. Berlin El Salvador is a municipality and city worth knowing about or visiting.

Characteristics of Berlin El Salvador

The municipality of Berlin is in the mountainous area of north-central Usulutan. Some of the main characteristics of both the city and municipality include the mountainous terrain, the coffee plantations, the civil war involvement, and its weather.

The Mountainous Terrain

The Municipality of Berlin is surrounded by mountains with dense vegetation that makes it attractive to outsiders. Some of the most well-known mountains are El Pelon, El Pinal, and Guandique.

These mountains in Berlin have vegetation ideal for exploring the local Flora and Fauna. Furthermore, it is also ideal for growing coffee plants.

The coffee plantations

Berlin is a top producer of coffee beans in El Salvador; some of the best types of coffee in El Salvador are grown in this area. The coffee farms in Berlin produce beans that are sold all over the country. Additionally, these coffee beans are also sold in many nations around the world.

Civil War Involvement

The municipality of Berlin, during the civil war of the 1980s, was at the center of the conflict. Here, throughout the 1980s, many intense battles between the Army and Guerrillas took place.

Berlin Weather

Possibly, the climate of Berlin is one of the highlights of the town and the municipality. Now, if you have visited the eastern part of El Salvador, you will know that it is mostly a hot area. The temperature can reach around 33 to 40 degrees Celsius, depending on the time of year.

However, the municipality of Berlin has a very refreshing climate, due in large part to its location; it sits at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level.

The typical temperature of Berlin ranges between 17 to 25 degrees. Now, in the northeast region of the municipality, the climate is warmer. But in the central and southern parts, it is fresher and pleasant.

Hill of the Cross in Berlin Usulutan
Berlin El Salvador. Photo by: @MITURElSalvador

Origin of Berlin El Salvador

Residents of the Gramolon valley founded Berlin in 1885. As previously mentioned, Serafin Brennen was the individual who took the initiative for the formation of this town.

Nonetheless, Berlin’s history is much older than that. Its origin begins from pre-Columbian times when Lencas peoples settled in and controlled the area.

Tourism in Berlin El Salvador

Over the last 10 years or so, Berlin has actively begun to develop and push its tourism activity. Two ways that they are going about it are to use the architecture of the city center as an attraction, as well as the local coffee history.

Among the places of interest is the City Center, where you will find the municipal park. And just like many other small towns in El Salvador, in front of the park is the local church named San Jose.

Another attraction of the city center is the different old houses that surround the park and the church; some of these houses date back to 1925. Undoubtedly, the houses around the park are a big part of the historical aspect of the city.

The historical legacy of coffee cultivation in Berlin is an attraction that the municipality uses to attract tourists. For example, visitors can take guided tours to coffee farms.

During these tours through the middle of the forests, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy spectacular landscapes, as well as view a wide variety of local flora and fauna.

To sum up, the city center, with its municipal park, the catholic church, the surrounding homes are a top attraction in the urban area of the municipality. Additionally, the coffee plantations in densely vegetated areas are also a prime attraction of Berlin.

Other Attractions of Berlin

Berlin has other tourist attractions, such as the demonstration plots and the GEO thermal plant. Both of which help to generate tourism to the municipality.

On the demonstration plots, you will be able to see and appreciate the cultivation of crops of grains and vegetables. Additionally, there are the fish ponds where they grow popular fish called Tilapia and shrimp.

Another attraction of the area is the geothermal energy plant. The plant offers visitors a guided tour where visitors learn about this particular form of power generation.

Furthermore, in the area, you will find a museum, a hot spring pool, walking trails, viewpoints, and crafts for purchasing.

Getting to Berlin

If you are traveling by car from San Salvador, it will be about a 2-hour trip. To get there, you can take the Pan-American highway towards the eastern part of the country. Once you arrive at kilometer 98, you take the detour to Berlin or Mercedes Umaña.

If you travel by bus, you need to go to the eastern bus terminal, which is located in Barrio Lourdes of San Salvador. From here, you can take route 303 that will take you to Berlin.

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Berlin El Salvador

The municipality and city of Berlin El Salvador is a typical Salvadoran municipality with a nice history and attractions for visitors to enjoy.

Berlin El Salvador
San Jose church in Berlin El Salvador.

So, If you ever get the chance, venture into this municipality part of the Tecapa-Chinameca mountain range. I am sure you will enjoy your visit in addition to having an unforgettable experience.