President of the Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador

Financial delegates from 44 countries meet in El Salvador to discuss financial inclusion

Financial delegations from 44 countries have met in San Salvador to discuss various financial inclusion policies. This is the 25th meeting of the digital financial services working group developed by the Salvadoran Central Reserve Bank (BCR) and the Alliance for Financial Inclusion. Also, the 18th meeting of the small and … Read more

Day of the Cross in El Salvador

Celebrating the Day of the Cross in El Salvador, a historical tradition worth experiencing

The day of the cross in El Salvador is celebrated every year on May 3rd. In homes across El Salvador, families decorate a cross made out of Jiote tree with fruits and paper ornaments. This Salvadoran tradition dates back to colonial times, and it marks the start of the rainy … Read more

El Salvador new Pacific Airport

The El Salvador Pacific Airport. Entering final Preparation Stages Before Construction

The El Salvador Pacific Airport is a new international airport set to be built in the eastern part of El Salvador, in the department of La Union near the Gulf of Fonseca. The new airport is a campaign promise that President Nayib Bukele made to the people of Eastern El … Read more

Holy week in El Salvador

Holy Week in El Salvador 2022. Easter week in El Salvador

Holy week in El Salvador is one of the most celebrated cultural traditions of the country. Easter week in El Salvador is a time that Salvadorans use for prayer, reflection, and gratitude. It is also a time to get together with family and friends to enjoy the celebrations together. This … Read more

Jesuit Massacre El Salvador

The 1989 Jesuit Massacre El Salvador. Can those Involved Finally Face Justice?

The legal process seeking justice for the 1989 Jesuit Massacre in El Salvador has finally arrived. But, can justice finally be served and the whole truth be known remains to be seen. On February 25th, 2022, the Salvadoran Attorney General’s Office presented formal accusations against former president Alfredo Cristiani, ex-politician … Read more