Salvadorans approve of “State of Exception.” According to the latest UCA survey

By Eddie Vasquez  |  May 25th, 2022
San Salvador El Salvador
San Salvador Historic Downtown.

According to the latest IUDOP survey, 66.2% of Salvadorans at a National level believe the massive captures during the state of exception are designed to improve the Government’s security strategy.

In the greater metropolitan area of San Salvador, 65.1% also agree that the arrests are, in effect, done to improve security in the country.

On the other hand, for 24.8% of the population consulted, the massive arrests are part of a campaign by the Bukele administration to maintain the good image of the Government.

Citizens nationally gave the State of Exception a 7.99 score out of 10. In the metropolitan area, it received a score of 7.66 out of 10.

The IUDOP of the UCA university stated that: “8 out of 10 citizens, both from the National Sample and from the Metropolitan Area Sample, believe that the criminal situation has decreased in the country. Since the Exception Regime began.”

President Nayib Bukele responded via Twitter, one of his preferred methods of communication.

According to international polling houses, support is above 90%, but it is interesting that an institution that attacks the government day and night accepts this. We continue…” Nayib Bukele.

Since Bukele started his presidency, the UCA university has been a harsh critic of the Bukele administration.

The criticism increased when the Legislative Assembly, controlled by the New Ideas political party, removed all judges of the Constitutional supreme court.

The UCA increased its criticism of President Bukele and his administration even more during the State of Emergency.

The State of Exception is set to expire on Wednesday, May 25th, at midnight. However, it is expected that today the Council of Ministers will ask the deputies of the Legislative Assembly for a second extension.

In 60 days, the security measure has allowed the capture of more than 30,000 alleged criminals accused of being gang members or of collaborating with said terrorist structures.