Nayib Bukele and New Ideas Supporters Celebrate Record Voting Abroad. 2024 Elections

By Karla Ramos  |  Jan 14th, 2024
New Ideas Political PartyNew Ideas Political Party Rally. Image by Fuerza Cyan.

It has been about eight days since remote voting for the 2024 presidential and legislative started; this is the first time Salvadorans residing abroad can cast their votes for president and legislators remotely via the internet.

So far, the voting process has proven to be a success. Within the initial four days of voting, a total of 60,424 Salvadorans cast their votes, accounting for over 8% of the 741,094 Salvadorans authorized to participate in this voting modality.

According to the Salvadoran Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), more than 40,200 people voted during the first 72 hours; at least 955.6% more votes from the diaspora than in the last presidential elections. In 2019, only 3,808 Salvadorans abroad voted by postal mail.

Bukele supporters celebrate record voting abroad

Members of the New Ideas political party and Nayib Bukele’s supporters expressed optimism regarding the unprecedented number of votes cast by Salvadorans abroad in the 2024 elections thus far.

Throughout social media platforms, Salvadorans showed images of their vote for President Bukele and the New Ideas party.

My 84-year-old mother is voting for the first time in the USA. She came in 1991 and is an American citizen, but she asked us, her children, that she wanted to vote for our president and representatives today. Thank God we fulfill your wish. Dora Romero.

Deputy [Christian Guevara], at least 20 family members have already voted for you and the entire Cyan caucus in Atlanta Georgia USA, and here we have another family army that will also vote for you on February 4. Oscar Aldana.

Legislative Assembly president Deputy Ernesto Castro questioned that the opposition is asking for votes when they did not vote to approve the law permitting those abroad to vote remotely online.

Deputy Castro described the request for votes that legislators who voted against make on social networks aimed at the diaspora as cynicism.

We are happy about the positive results; from 5,000 votes before now we have passed 50,000 in four days; it is a success. There are 26 days left, and this may increase. I want to join and I invite the diaspora to vote and do it remotely. Ernesto Castro.

The vote results will be available on February 4. However, Nayib Bukele supporters are already celebrating the number of votes cast abroad.

Salvadorans abroad have 30 days to vote remotely for presidential and legislative elections. They can also vote in person on February 4 at specific consulates.

Historically, Salvadoran culture has witnessed a low voter turnout from abroad. However, early indications suggest that this election will deviate from the norm.