The Top 5 Most Visited Tourist Destinations in El Salvador During the December Holidays

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Jan 8th, 2024
Cerro Verde National Park in El SalvadorView at Cerro Verde National Park. Image by Ministerio de Turismo.

Tourism to El Salvador is changing, with 2023 setting a new record in tourist arrivals to El Salvador. Last year, Salvadoran authorities reported that more than 3.4 million people entered the country.

The December holidays are one of the most visited. According to the Salvadoran Tourism Ministery, from December 23, 2023, to January 1, 2024, El Salvador received more than 110 thousand visitors, surpassing all New Year’s Eve seasons of past periods.

During the December holidays, Salvadorans ventured to different tourist destinations; here are the top five most visited.

Tourist Complex of the Port of La Libertad

This tourist spot is about 33 kilometers from the international airport. The complex has a fresh seafood market, souvenir shops, restaurants, and a boardwalk.

The complex spot known as “the Mercado del Mar” overlooks the La Libertad pier, which was closed due to the remodeling phase during December. However, that didn’t stop tourists from visiting.

The Port of La Libertad tourist complex is near some of the best beaches in El Salvador for surfing or relaxation.

Mercado del Mar La Libertad
Mercado del Mar La Libertad. Image by MITURElSalvador.

Balboa Natural Park

Balboa Park is located within the Los Planes de Renderos area in El Salvador; it is a recreational oasis with amazing scenic landscapes, historical treasures, and diverse ecotourist activities.

Established in 1949, Balboa Park has preserved its natural vibrancy and offers an array of recreational activities. These include a miniature train for both adults and children, a synthetic grass soccer field, playgrounds, a cycling path, and designated picnic areas.

Balboa Natural Park in El Salvador
Balboa Natural Park. Image by MITURElSalvador.

Cerro Verde National Park

The Cerro Verde natural area is a flattened volcano crater located in the department of Santa Ana, about 75 kilometers from San Salvador.

Cerro Verde is one of the most visited natural areas in El Salvador; it has ample flora and fauna for tourists to enjoy. Furthermore, it has trails with excellent viewpoints of the other volcanoes in the park, Izalco and Santa Ana.

Cerro Verde National Park
Cerro Verde National Park in El Salvador.

El Boqueron National Park

El Boqueron National Park is a protected natural area at the top of the San Salvador volcano. The park offers excellent views overlooking the nation’s capital and the volcano craters.

El Boqueroncito Volcano Crater.
El Boqueroncito Volcano Crater.

Sunset Amusement Park in La Libertad

The Sunset Amusement Park is in the port of La Libertad near the pier and the Mercado del Mar tourist complex. It has five rides for children and adults, among which are the pirate ship, the carousel, and the Ferris wheel.

Sunset Park was developed as a non-refundable donation from the Government of the People’s Republic of China.

Sunset Park in La Libertad.
Sunset Park in La Libertad. Image by MITURElSalvador.

Tourism to El Salvador in 2023

Tourism in El Salvador is on a positive upswing. The country’s concerted efforts in promoting its diverse attractions and improving cultural spaces have led to increased visitor numbers, fostering a promising future for its tourism industry and contributing to El Salvador’s economic growth.