Lonely Planet includes El Salvador as one of the best 2023 travel destinations

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Feb 16th, 2023
El Salvador TourismEl Salvador tourism.

Lonely Planet, one of the largest and most prestigious travel guide publishing companies worldwide, ranked El Salvador among the top 30 destinations to travel to in 2023.

Explore a section of Central America that more people should visit: El Salvador. See Maya relics, volcanic scenery, and historic towns as the dry season start in November. There are also incredible beaches with some of the best surfing spots in the world if you’re keen to hit the water.” Lonely Planet.

Lonely Planet annually prepares its list of the “Best in Travel.” This country guide of 30 destinations includes recommendations in five categories: eating, traveling, relaxing, connecting, and learning.

El Salvador is in the learning category. Lonely Planet describes the country as an “underestimated destination for its monuments, restaurants, craft sales, and entertainment.”

El Salvador is a travel powerhouse in a tiny package. This underrated destination appeals to those looking to get off the beaten path of Central American travel and dive into a multifaceted country with a taste for adventure.” Lonely Planet.

El Salvador is positioning itself as a top tourist destination in Central America; it has world-class surfing and beautiful soft-sand beaches. Also, coffee plantations near beautiful small colonial towns with homes splashed with murals.

El Salvador is the only Central American destination in the “Best in Travel 2023” list. The other locations listed in the learning category are New Mexico in the USA, Dresden in Germany, Marseille in France, Manchester in the UK, and Southern Scotland.

“Rejuvenated and forward-looking, there is a momentum building in this stunningly beautiful Central American country. El Salvador’s idyllic beaches are catching the attention of professional surfers from around the world. The country is quietly becoming the place where those in the know come to catch waves and hone their surfing skills.” Lonely Planet.

What places to visit in El Salvador

Among the recommendations to visit by Lonely Planet are the El Rosario Church, the archaeological sites of Tazumal, Cihuatan, and Joya de Ceren; also the Museum of the Salvadoran Revolution, and El Imposible National Park.

The comprehensive guide posted on the Lonely Planet website highlights a series of tourist destinations for the country, including volcanoes, beaches, archaeological sites, restaurants, towns, national parks, and many attractions of the capital city, San Salvador.

El Salvador, a top tourist destination

El Salvador tourism has drastically increased in 2022 and seems to be on its way to doing better in 2023. Making the Lonely Planet list is excellent for the smallest country in Latin America.

The Salvadoran Government is investing a lot of money into the country’s infrastructure, especially those near popular tourist destinations. One of the country’s signature projects focused on tourism is Surf City, which. since 2019, has attracted many visitors.

CEPA has reported that in 2022, more than 2.9 million passengers were served at the international airport. “From January 1 to November 13, 2022, at the El Salvador International Airport, we have attended 30,248 commercial passenger flights.

The country’s security climate has also contributed to the “boom” in tourism; El Salvador was considered one of the most violent countries in the world with high homicide rates; however, that is not the country’s reality anymore.