The Fifth Indigo Festival of Suchitoto to Take Place September 16 and 17

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Sep 16th, 2023
Indigo Festival Suchitoto

The fifth Indigo Festival of Suchitoto, which showcases the locally created indigo crafts, will take place September 16 and 17 at the Suchitoto central park in front of the Santa Lucia Church.

Suchitoto, the Cultural Capital of El Salvador, returns with the V Indigo Festival, where we will have demonstrations, history, a catwalk, gastronomy, and live music. The Suchitoto Mayor's Office.

Since this activity started, thousands of national and international tourists have visited Suchitoto to participate in activities organized by the Mayor’s Office related to indigo crafts.

During the fifth Indigo Festiva, visitors will enjoy demonstrative workshops on dyeing with indigo, fashion catwalks, art exhibitions, live music, dance, and much more.

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Tourists will also learn about the history of indigo, the dyeing process, and its production by entrepreneurs and artisans who work with this natural product in the municipality. Additionally, visitors can purchase garments and shoes dyed with this indigo dye, thus helping the local economy.

Furthermore, visitors will have plenty of options to taste the rich local cuisine of Suchitoto, which includes traditional Salvadoran street foods and all the typical dishes.

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The Suchitoto municipality has become one of the principal producers of indigo crafts in El Salvador. The colonial town has many shops offering clothing made out of Indigo dyeing.

Suchitoto is a benchmark for tourism in El Salvador; it is one of the necessary municipalities to visit if we want to learn more about our history and the essence of Salvadoran culture.

Suchitoto has a prominent architectural richness; its cobbled streets give the city that special touch that Salvadoran grandparents and parents remember.

The houses built with Adobe maintain that essence that tourists fall in love with, and its portals become the perfect background for thousands of photos that circulate on social networks.

Visit Suchitoto during the Indigo Festival and explore the municipality with everything it offers. This colorful colonial town is one of the most visited in El Salvador.