Five of the best games to accompany you during your El Salvador adventure

Due to San Salvador previously being one of the most dangerous cities in the world, people haven’t always viewed El Salvador as a potential travel destination. Now, though, with the city no longer having that noose around its neck and more travelers deciding to explore the country in the process, an El Salvador adventure is something an increasing amount of holidaymakers are considering. 

From Parque Nacional El Boqueron to Lake Coatepeque, there is so much to see and do in the country. Now, thanks to efforts from the Salvadoran police and security forces, safety and security has improved and travelers are intrigued by the nation and the natural beauty it possesses. 

Like anywhere, though, traveling can take a while, making it important to have a variety of entertainment options at your disposal. For many, mobile gaming is the preferred option as it can be enjoyed with ease and housed in a holidaymaker’s pocket as they traverse a particular area. 

With that in mind, below is a look at some favored options that can accompany you during your trip to El Salvador. 

Free Fire is one of the most popular games in the country 

A title that is being enjoyed by a huge amount of people in the country, Free Fire is a multiplayer battle royale mobile game that is capable of keeping you entertained for hours on end as you explore options like the Montecristo Cloud Forest, El Tunco, and the Cihuatán Ruins. Serving up plenty of battle-filled scenarios for you to get stuck into, Free Fire is a fantastic game to dip in and out of. 

The Mighty Toro game is set in a bullring

While bullfighting is mainly associated with countries like Mexico and Spain, many people in El Salvador have an interest in it. As such, playing The Mighty Toro game, which is set in a bullring, is a great option. Featuring an animated bull in a title that offers world-class features and stunning graphics, this much-loved product is well worth sampling. The traditional Spanish music that is played in the background is a nice touch, while the game’s variety of symbols, such as a sword and a matador, further adds to the atmosphere. 

Coin Master is a great game 

Another much-loved title that currently occupies the third spot in the rankings when assessing the most popular mobile games in the country, Coin Master is enjoyed by millions of people on Earth as gamers build Viking villages and attack their way to glory. Also enabling players to travel through time to magical lands and participate in epic battles, Coin Master is a great game to session. 

Candy Crush Saga is a legendary release 

An iconic release in the mobile category of gaming that has been entertaining mass audiences since 2012, Candy Crush Saga is a simple but engaging product that has managed to remain fresh and exciting in today’s saturated mobile gaming space. The legendary match 3 puzzle game serves up a tough challenge with a huge selection of levels to get through. If quick thinking is your strength, then you’ll adore this much-loved favorite. 

Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 is hard to beat 

One of many console games that has transitioned over to mobile with a great deal of success, Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 is one of El Salvador’s top smartphone titles as gamers everywhere continue to explore this combat-focussed classic on a mobile device. A product where sharp shooting and strategic thinking can get you the most amount of kills, modes like Team Deathmatch and Kill-Confirmed deserve a session. 

Recommended Tourismn: El Salvador is known for its vibrant culture with fantastic customs and traditions. It is also well-known for its tourism, with pristine beaches and colorful towns. The nation stands out as a premier destination for both tourists and those considering relocation.