Why You Should Visit El Salvador at Least Once in Your Life

El Salvador has long been overlooked by tourists. Sure, it had its fair share of domestic issues that scared away travelers. However, the country is a perfect location for life and travel experiences. Its nature, history, and climate are everything one may want from a holiday destination. 

So let’s explain why you should visit El Salvador at least once in your lifetime. 

Explore the Maya ruins

Of course, the Maya ruins are one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country. Most travelers come here to see the remains of great civilizations that once lived in those lands. We know little about the time of the Aztecs and their predecessors. Mainly only ziggurats and some other city ruins tell us about the powerful nation that once lived there. Nevertheless, the sights don’t become less intriguing because of that. In fact, the ambiguity and mystery of these places are what draws tourists in. 

In addition, El Salvador has some of the largest scopes of such ruins located in a very small area. Hence, you can spot many ruins without leaving the big city. So, here Maya ruins are most accessible and come in a great variety. You can visit all the sights, which are more than a dozen, or choose the most existing routes, like urban areas or mountain areas. 

Visit Suchitoto

Suchitoto is one of the oldest and most well-preserved towns in the country. Here, you will find barely touched colonial buildings and cobblestone streets. However, don’t let its appearance fool you. This town is one of the biggest cultural hubs in El Salvador. People come here to visit various art galleries, boutiques, and restaurants and attend cultural tours and even festivals. 

It is also a place for the traditional craft – of indigo dyeing. So you can attend such masterclasses and watch the rare form of art yourself. Lastly, Suchitoto has several wildlife preservation spots, including marine and aviary life.

Try local cuisine 

Maybe El Salvador is not so famous for its luxury dining experiences. However, most people come here for a different reason. They are eager to try local street food that you can find on any corner of the big city. Of course, pupusas are the most famous example of local cuisine. This is the fried corn dough packed with cheese, veggies, beans, meat, and everything else you want. They are delicious, nutritious, and cheap. Yet, they will keep you full for the whole day. 

Of course, there are also great options for seafood lovers. You can walk to the fish market and purchase the freshest seafood you’ve ever tried. In fact, people there can cook your fish or other products right in front of you.

Go surfing 

Not many people know it, but El Salvador is also a surfing paradise. It won’t be long since thousands of professional and amateur surfers will travel here each season. However, as for now, surfers can still enjoy some form of privacy and tranquility on those beaches. Not only is this place affordable for aspiring surfers, but it also has perfect beaches for all levels of professionals. 

Also, speaking of local beaches, one should come here for that experience. You won’t find many places with beautiful lagoons and blue waters. El Salvador has the perfect climate for beach tourism.  

Travel to the coffee plantations 

El Salvador is famous for its coffee. Like many Latin American cultures, El Salvador takes its coffee beans very seriously. Many mountain areas in the country plant coffee plants. That’s one of the most prospering businesses in the country. Of course, these plantations also allow tourists to take trips. Travelers can come here to observe how the coffee beans grow and taste some of the best espressos of their lives. 

Besides, most routes to any coffee plantations lead through Ruta de las Flores. It is a colorful, unique area combining several small towns. They are known for their authentic architecture and colored buildings. You’ll find that most houses there will have some murals on them or be painted in quirky colors. Plus, the road between those towns opens up the view of a wonderful landscape. This place is considered one of the most romantic roads in El Salvador.

Engage in junket tourism 

Last but not least, many people come to El Salvador to explore its vibrant gambling scene. Indeed, it is one of a few countries that has legalized gambling. So you can attend many casinos while you are there. Gambling remains one of the biggest tourist attractions. Their casinos are open 24/7 and packed with modern gambling machines and all popular games to try in your leisure time. 

Of course, you don’t need to travel that far for gambling these days. One may just open bestonlinecasinosincanada.com and play their favorite games online. 

Bottom line 

El Salvador is worth visiting at least once in your life. It is full of natural attractions, warm people, and unique, beautiful cities. Everyone can find something to do there, like surfing, hiking, gambling, sunbathing on gorgeous secluded beaches, or trying local food. Plus, it is a small country that will only take a few days to cross. So, it is worth the shot!