El Salvador Culture

Exploring El Salvador Culture: Embracing Vibrant Customs and Traditions with Warm-hearted People

El Salvador culture is a fusion of Spanish and Native American cultures that began during colonial times. Salvadoran culture today is shaped by Northern American, Latin American, and European influences. In the last 40-plus years, over 3 million Salvadorans have lived outside the country for an extended period in the … Read more

Is El Salvador Safe to visit

Is El Salvador Safe to Visit in 2023? A Comprehensive Safety Guide for Travelers

Yes, it is! Despite all the historical crime and violence, which don’t affect tourists, El Salvador is safe to visit in 2023. El Salvador used to have a high crime rate, but that is not the case anymore. Violence in the country has declined to its lowest level in over … Read more

What is El Salvador known for

What is El Salvador known for in 2023? What Makes El Salvador a Global Attraction Today

El Salvador is known for the tasty Pupusas, the excellent surf spots, President Nayib Bukele, the volcanoes, the warm beaches, and Bitcoin. Regrettably, El Salvador is also famous worldwide for the controversial State of Exception, gangs, and violence. With a land of 21,041km², El Salvador is the smallest country in … Read more

Driving in El Salvador

Driving in El Salvador: A Guide to Navigating El Salvador’s Roads

To drive in El Salvador, you must be 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license from El Salvador or your home country with an unexpired passport. An international driver’s license is not required but recommended, especially if your driver’s license is not in Spanish or English. Getting behind … Read more

La Costa del Sol El Salvador

La Costa del Sol El Salvador: The Perfect Beach Area for Relaxation

La Costa del Sol El Salvador is a beach in the La Paz department. It is an exceptional beach with vast cuisine options, a relaxing atmosphere, and plenty of activities to enjoy. Playa Costa del Sol El Salvador is 62 kilometers from the capital city, San Salvador, and just 28 … Read more