San Salvador Center City Hall to Impose Fines for Immoral Acts in Public Spaces.

By Karla Ramos  |  Mar 27th, 2024
Landmarks in El SalvadorDivine Savior of the World Monument in San Salvador. Image by Gobierno_SV.

Mario Duran, the mayor of the municipality of San Salvador Center, ordered last night the Corps of Metropolitan Agents (CAM) to impose the corresponding sanctions on those who commit immoral acts in public Spaces.

Duran’s announcement came after complaints through the X social network of controversial photographs taken by a transgender woman in front of the Divine Savior of the World monument in San Salvador.

As I announced a few days ago, with the case of Plaza Libertad, NO ONE can commit immoral acts in our public squares with actions that go against our Salvadoran families. That is why I have issued instructions for all CAM agents to impose the corresponding sanctions with all rigor on all those who violate the peace and tranquility of all. Mario Duran, Mayor of San Salvador Center.

Today’s announcement enforces the San Salvador City Hall’s efforts to make all public spaces safe for families.

Mayor Duran declared on March 19 an indefinite prohibition of all activities featuring provocative dances by individuals or couples at Plaza Libertad.

The Plaza Libertad dancing was a staple of the downtown historic district; nevertheless, lately, it had been entangled in immoral acts and infighting among the dancers and visitors.

After a long process of dialogue and countless attempts to regulate the situation in Plaza Libertad, we have found ourselves in need of taking drastic measures after repeated behavior of immoral acts and disorders by some people who use that space, noted Mayor Duran.

“We have restricted the improper actions of these people; as of today, we suspend all types of activities of this nature until further notice,” noted Duran on his X social media account.

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Duran reiterated that the San Salvador Historic District is and will continue to be the epicenter of art and culture in El Salvador, and the city hall will continue to support all expressions of art in public spaces.

Duran emphasized that the San Salvador Historic District is and will continue to be the focal point of art and culture in El Salvador.

The city hall will continue to support all forms of artistic expression in public spaces. However, he underscored that they will not permit the peace of Salvadoran families to be disrupted by the actions of a few individuals.