Nuestro Tiempo and Cambio Democratico Political Parties to Face Cancelation Proceedings

They Did Not Obtain the 50,000 Necessary Votes to Remain as Political Parties

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Apr 4th, 2024
Nuestro Tiempo and Cambio Democrático Political Parties

It has been approximately a month since the conclusion of the 2024 elections. The political parties that secured seats in the legislative assembly appear to be gearing up for the upcoming governing term.

On the other hand, the political parties, such as GANA, FMLN, NT, and CD, which participated in the 2024 legislative elections but did not secure any legislative representation, are currently confronting challenges.

GANA and the FMLN must now regroup and look forward to the 2024 legislative elections.

However, the Nuestro Tiempo (NT) and Cambio Democrático (CD) political parties face a more pressing challenge, as they are on the brink of being dissolved.

Nuestro Tiempo (NT) and Cambio Democrático (CD) failed to win a legislative seat and didn’t obtain the 50,000 minimum votes required to maintain their status as a political party.

According to the data from the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) final scrutiny of the legislative election, Nuestro Tiempo received 41,060 votes and Cambio Democratico 12,165 votes, which is short of the 50,000 minimum.

As per the law, the cancellation process must begin by the TSE no later than 30 days after the completion of the certification of election results, which were posted on the TSE website on the evening of Wednesday, March 13.

Nuestro Tiempo NT

Nuestro Tiempo was founded in 2019 and positioned itself as liberal and progressive. They competed for the first time in the 2021 elections and won one legislative seat.

Johnny Wright Sol, a former right-wing political party ARENA deputy, became the first Nuestro Tiempo deputy. His legislative term representing the San Salvador department is from 2021-2024.

Nuestro Tiempo, made up mainly of former ARENA members, didn’t do well in the second elections they competed. Their presidential candidate, Luis Parada, finished fourth with 65,076 votes or 2.04%. He lost to Nayib Bukele by an over 82% margin.

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Furthermore, they failed to win a legislative seat and obtained less than 50,000 votes, which is the reason they are now facing cancellation.

Cambio Democratico CD

Cambio Democrático is a center-left political party that has faced the loss of its legal status multiple times but has successfully regained it.

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal canceled this political party in 2018 in a controversial manner. Nonetheless, in 2020, it approved their request, allowing the party to regain its status as a political entity.

Yet, just four years after reclaiming their status as a political party, they are once again facing the imminent threat of cancellation.