National Pupusa Day: Exploring the Heart of El Salvador’s Culinary Heritage

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Nov 11th, 2023
National Pupusa Day El SalvadorNational Day of Pupusas El Salvador.

National Pupusa Day 2023 is a Salvadoran national holiday celebrated on November 12, 2023, the second Sunday in November. The National Day of Pupusas pays tribute to one of the country’s most beloved culinary treasures: the pupusa.

This festive day brings together communities to indulge in these delicious stuffed corn tortillas steeped in rich cultural history. The National festivities invite people to savor the flavors and traditions that define this beloved national treasure.

The National Pupusa Day celebration was created by Legislative decree in 2005. Also, this year, Salvadoran legislators officially declared pupusas the national dish of El Salvador. Since 2005, Salvadorans celebrate this tasty national holiday on the second Sunday in November.

How to celebrate National Pupusa Day?

There is no right or wrong way to celebrate National Pupusa Day; as long as you eat Pupusas during this day, you will be part of the celebration. However, if you are looking for specific things to do during this holiday, here are a few options to consider.

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Pupusas from El Salvador
Pupusas from El Salvador. Photo by @EShistoria32

Attend a Pupusa Festival on National Pupusa Day

Attending a Pupusa Day Festival is a fun thing to do during this day. Many municipalities in El Salvador, especially smaller towns, have special celebrations to commemorate this national holiday.

These events usually have live music and offer plenty of games for kids. Also, they have plenty of activities for all visitors, including the popular Pupusa eating contests.

Cities in El Salvador are not the only ones where you can find Pupusa Day events. Cities outside El Salvador with large Hispanic populations also have these events. Pupusa day festivities. And just like in El Salvador, they offer plenty of activities and foods to enjoy.

Visit Olocuilta, the Pupusa Capital

If you happen to be in El Salvador during National Pupusa Day, you must visit the town of Olocuilta. This small town is right off the main highway between San Salvador and the international airport.

Olocuilta is known as the Pupusa Capital of El Salvador. During this national holiday, they held parades, Pupusa eating contests, live music, and much more. Also, they cook the largest pupusa in the country.

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Olocuilta is known for having many Pupuserias that serve all types of tasty Pupusas; some of them stay open 24 hours. Additionally, Olocuilta entered the the Guinness record for making the largest Pupussa in the world in 2015.

Largest Pupusa in the World
Largest Pupusa in the world.

The largest pupusa is 4.50 m (14 ft 9 in) in diameter and was made by the Olocuilta City Hall, El Salvador, on November 8, 2015. In the traditional style of the region, the pupusa was made with rice flour instead of corn flour. The pupusa was made for Olocuilta’s sixth annual pupusa festival.

Every second Sunday in November, Olocuilta makes a Pupusa that compares to the largest Pupusa in the world, sometimes bigger. The making of this giant Pupusa is another reason to visit Olocuilta in November.

Visit Small Towns on National Pupusa Day

If you are in El Salvador during this celebration, visit a small town with a weekend food festival and enjoy the tasty Pupusas. In these towns, you will get the option to try the local dishes and traditional Salvadoran foods.

These small, colorful towns in El Salvador have traditional weekend food festivals. However, they get even better during National Pupusa Day. Juayua, Apaneca, Salcoatitan, and Suchitoto are some of the best options.

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National Pupusa Day El Salvador
Cooking Pupusas the traditional way!

Go out and eat Pupusas

An excellent way to celebrate National Pupusa Day is to go out with family or friends and eat some Pupusas. If you are in El Salvador, finding a Pupuseria will not be a problem; they are everywhere!

If you are outside El Salvador, look for an authentic Salvadoran restaurant near you and enjoy some tasty Pupusas.

Finding an authentic Salvadoran restaurant that makes traditional Pupusas might be challenging in some countries. But not in large cities with large Salvadoran communities.

Making Pupusas
Traditional Salvadoran Food. Photo by

Make Pupusas Yourself

Making Pupusas yourself is another fun thing to do on this particular Sunday; they are not that difficult to make. Many Families or friends use this day as a reason to get together and spend time having fun and eating Pupusas.

National Pupusa Day El Salvador

National Pupusa Day is a traditional celebration that dates back to 2005. It is a fun holiday worth celebrating. If you haven’t done it yet, get in the spirit and eat some Pupusas on the second Sunday in November!

In summary, National Pupusa Day is a flavorful tribute to Salvadoran culture, offering a mouthwatering glimpse into the country’s culinary heritage. Also, it brings people together to savor the taste of heritage and unity.