National Pupusa Day. All you Need to Know About this Salvadoran Holiday

National Pupusa Day
Cooking Salvadoran Pupusas. Photo by Mireya

National Pupusa Day is a Salvadoran national holiday celebrated on the second Sunday in November. National Day of Pupusas is a festivity observed in El Salvador and cities worldwide with a prominent Salvadoran population.

The National Pupusa Day celebration was enacted by Legislative decree in 2005. Since then, every second Sunday in November, Salvadoran get to celebrate it.

Also, in 2005, the Salvadoran Legislative Assembly officially declared pupusas the national dish of El Salvador. This tasty dish, consumed by all Salvadorans, dates back to pre-colonial times.

Pupusas are the typical dishes of El Salvador that both Salvadorans and foreigners like to eat. They are prepared with ingredients for all tastes and accompanied by Curtido and tomato sauce.

National Day of Pupusas
Salvadoran Pupusas. Photo by Italo

How to celebrate National Pupusa Day?

There is no right or wrong way to celebrate National Pupusa Day. As long as you eat some Pupusas during this day, you will be part of the celebration. If you are looking for specific things to do on this holiday, here are a few options or recommendations.

Attend a Pupusa Festival in your Area

Attending a Pupusa Day Festival is a fun thing to do during this day. They have plenty of activities for all types of visitors.

Many municipalities in El Salvador have special events to commemorate this day; they do Pupusa eating contests, have live music, and have plenty of games for kids.

Cities outside El Salvador with large Hispanic populations also have events during this day. Just like in El Salvador, they offer plenty of activities and foods to enjoy.

Keep in mind that in 2021 and due to the pandemic, many cities have opted not to do these events.

Visit Olocuilta, the Pupusa Capital.

If you live in El Salvador or happen to be in El Salvador during National Pupusa Day, you must visit the town of Olocuilta.

Olocuilta is a small town located right off the main highway between San Salvador and the international airport. This town is known as the Pupusa Capital,

Olocuilta is known for having many Pupuserias that serve all types of Pupusas; some of them stay open 24 hours.

Olocuilta holds the Guinness record for making the largest Pupussa in the world.

Visit Small Towns with Food Festivals

If you are in El Salvador during this celebration, head on to a small town with a weekend food festival.

Many small colorful towns in El Salvador have food festivals on the weekends. For example, Juayua, Apaneca, Salcoatitan, and many others.

In these towns, you will get the option to try the local dishes and the traditional Salvadoran foods such as Pupusas. Not to mention that you will get to enjoy all other activities.

Go out and eat Pupusas

An excellent way to celebrate National Pupusa Day is to go out with family or friends and eat some Pupusas.

If you are in El Salvador, finding a Pupuseria will not be a problem; they are everywhere!

If you are outside El Salvador, look for an authentic Salvadoran restaurant and enjoy some tasty Pupusas.

Finding an authentic Salvadoran restaurant that makes traditional Pupusas might be challenging in some countries. But not in large cities with large Salvadoran communities.

Salvadoran Pupusas
Salvadoran Pupusas.

Make Pupusas Yourself

Making Pupusas yourself is another fun thing to do during this particular Sunday. It is not that difficult to do.

Many Families, or friends, use this day as a reason to get together and spend time having fun and eating Pupusas.

National Pupusa Day.

National Pupusa Day is a traditional celebration that dates back to 2005. It is a fun holiday worth celebrating.

If you haven’t done it yet, get in the spirit and eat some Pupusas on the second Sunday in November!