Father Andreu Oliva Remarks on the Existence of Political Prisoners in El Salvador

Father Oliva: Nayib Bukele's Re-election bid is Unconstitutional

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Nov 3rd, 2023
Father Andreu OlivaFather Andreu Oliva, UCA University Rector. Screenhot form YouTube video interview.

Father Andreu Oliva, the rector of the UCA University, commented on the existence of political prisoners in El Salvador. Oliva made the statement about this issue during a November 3 radio interview.

Father Andreu Oliva is the rector of Jose Simeon Cañas Central American University (UCA). Father Oliva has been a constant critic of the Nayib Bukele administration, especially against the State of Exception and re-election.

According to Father Oliva, the detention of some individuals in El Salvador meets the criteria for political prisoners per international standards.

Father Oliva explained that the Council of Europe establishes characteristics of political prisoners such as if, for political reasons, the duration of the detention and its conditions are clearly disproportionate to the crime of which they have been declared guilty or are suspected.

Furthermore, if, for political reasons, the subject is detained in a discriminatory manner compared to others.

We can say that these circumstances have occurred in our country. A certain arbitrariness is observed with some members of political parties who held public office and have been detained. We see that having committed several people the same crime, some are detained, while others are not. Father Andreu Oliva.

The UCA priest emphasized the importance of treating all people equally, respecting due process, and guaranteeing prompt and complete justice.

Father Oliva stated that individuals deprived of liberty, whether awaiting trial or sentenced, must be treated by the United Nations’s Nelson Mandela Rules, which set out the minimum standards for the treatment of prisoners.

“These rules must be adopted by all countries that are part of the United Nations, including El Salvador,” stated Father Oliva.

This [MANDELA] rule is being clearly violated in our country, not only for those people who have had a political connection with a certain party but for the majority of those deprived of liberty. Father Andreu Oliva, rector of the UCA University.

Nayib Bukele’s Possible Re-election

Father Oliva commented on Nayib Bukele’s possible re-election, which he believes is unconstitutional and the UCA rector opposes.

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“We must always respect what the Constitution establishes. The current Constitution of the Republic not only does not allow immediate re-election for the position of President of the Republic, but it expressly prohibits it,” expressed the UCA rector. You can view the entire interview by clicking here!

President Nayib Bukele’s possible re-election has been a hot topic of discussion since he announced his intentions to seek a second consecutive presidential term.