El Salvador’s Cultural Treasures: Top Attractions to Explore

El Salvador is an exotic travel destination in Latin America. Even a couple of decades ago, not every tourist ventured to this small country because of its controversial reputation and high crime rate. Today, people go to El Salvador for the sake of marvelous untouched nature and ancient cultural monuments at an affordable price. Below you will find EL Salvador sightseeing attractions that will make your trip unforgettable.

Suchitoto – the spirit of the past 

This city is located in a mountainous area around the picturesque Lake Suchitlán. At Suchitoto, you can explore colonial-era architecture and local color. The city layout has changed little since its founding. So you will get a complete historical immersion, wandering along the old cobblestones along the Adobe buildings. The primary Suchitoto cultural attractions are:

  • the museum-monastery Centro Arte para la Paz and;
  • the Santa Lucia Church.

The flag of El Salvador has such a color scheme, paying tribute to cultural traditions. Indigo is associated with new opportunities among locals, which has a historical background. The volcanic soil is perfect for growing Indigofera tinctoria. It’s been the main component of deep blue dye since the dawn of Maya culture. Discover the secret of the indigo color, still shipped from El Salvador worldwide, in the Arte Añil workshop next to the main city square.

San Salvador – cultural center

The capital of El Salvador impresses with a harmonious combination of colonial architecture with modern trends. The city is vibrant and colorful despite the destruction from volcanic activity. The locals are friendly and open. Walking around the capital in search of sights, check out:

  • the beautiful El Calvario Church and;
  • the tremendous National Palace.

Visit the three famous squares in the historic quarter as well. Nature in the local parks looks tamed and neat. To explore the flora and fauna better to go on a country trip.

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Cerro Verde National Park – get inspired by nature

To understand the culture and traditions of the country, you need to get acquainted with the local environment. Nature forms the main occupation of locals and brings up a sense of beauty, which reflects in art. The second name of Cerro Verde Park is Los Volcanos because of the large volcanoes on the territory.
Observation platforms make it possible to admire Izalco, Cerro Verde, and Santa Ana. At the entrance, there is a parking lot to leave the car for hiking adventures. The park has many interactive activities:

  • observation of exotic birds,
  • guided walking tours,
  • viewing platforms for photo shoots or picnics,
  • horseback riding,
  • hiking to the crater of an active volcano.

Archaeological monuments

The Maya and Lenca tribes are the original inhabitants of El Salvador. Spaniards have mercilessly exterminated the heritage of these cultures during the era of colonization. Yet, until now, archaeological monuments of ancient civilizations under the auspices of UNESCO save on the country’s territory.


This pre-Columbian Mayan architectural complex was restored in the middle of the 20th century. In ancient times, volcanic eruptions stretched the construction process for many decades. But the building’s design belongs to the classic period. Tazumal was used as a ceremonial complex. The majestic buildings amaze with their monumentality and are worth your attention.

Joya de Ceren

This ancient settlement shared the fate of the Italian Pompeii. The ash of a volcanic eruption buried the city in the early 7th century AD. The incident allowed archaeologists to find a well-maintained settlement and study the advanced Joya de Cerén culture. This archaeological site is one of the main cultural symbols of the country. You will miss a lot if you skip this attraction.


Traveling to El Salvador is a splendid solution if you want a colorful and unusual experience. Beautiful nature combined with monuments of ancient civilizations and architectural solutions from different eras will captivate your imagination. This small country is rich in tradition and authenticity: rent a car and discover new routes day and night!