Cost of Traveling From Mexico to El Salvador

El Salvador, the land of volcanoes, is a great tourist attraction that sees tourists from the world over troupe in droves to enjoy this hidden gem in Central America. It is the smallest and only country in Central America without a Caribbean coast but has the greatest waves in the region on its Pacific coast which is a haven for surfers. For coffee lovers, you will get some of the best coffee in the world in this great place. 

Mexico contributes a large number of visitors traveling to El Salvador every year. Most tourists from North America also pass through Mexico as they head to El Salvador. There are several ways you can use to reach El Salvador using the Mexico route. This article discusses a few you can use and the amount you are likely to spend. 


Mexico to San Salvador

There are several flights from Mexico to El Salvador every day. The shortest is the direct flight from Mexico City to San Salvador which will take you around 2 hrs 30 mins. The cheapest ticket for this flight will cost you around $80. The price, however, varies depending on the time of booking and demand.

Guanajuato to San Salvador

This is quite a longer option and will take you 19 hrs 30 mins to arrive in San Salvador and set you back $200. There, however, two shorter flights on the same route taking you 13 hrs and 15 hrs respectively that will both cost you $433.

Guadalajara to San Salvador

The cheapest flight on this route will cost you $240 but take you 22 hrs with two changes. The shortest lasts 12 hrs 30 mins and costs $250 with one change. There are two other flights you can also choose with one lasting 15 hrs and the other one 14 hrs. Both these two flights will see you part with $260.

After landing in El Salvador, you will require a means to move around. The best option is a car. There are many companies you can use to rent a car in El Salvador. For a first-timer, visit to know more about car rental in El Salvador including the rental policies and an opportunity to compare prices on your preferred car. It is always advisable to compare prices between at least three rental companies before you rent a car. Remember to also make your booking in advance.


Mexico City to San Salvador

Another option preferred by most tourists is driving down to El Salvador. This option allows you to explore attractions on the road. The duration of this journey will depend on how much time you will decide to use appreciating the attractions along the way.

When you decide to drive non-stop it will take you 20 hrs on the road and it’s a distance of around 1608 km. If you choose to drive non-stop make sure you have another driver to assist when fatigue finally catches up with you.

The fuel cost for this distance will be approximately $200 depending on the type of car you are using. On top of this, you should add the rental cost if you are using a rental car. The rental cost will also vary depending on the car type and your rental agency.

Fly from Mexico City to Comayagua then drive to San Miguel in El Salvador

You can also decide to take a flight from Mexico City to the city of Comayagua and then drive from there to San Miguel. The flight will take you 2 hrs 30 mins and set you back around $500. After landing you can then drive to San Miguel a distance of 176 km that will last you around 2 hrs 30 mins. This will cost you around $30 in gas money. You will have to add car rental costs on top of this to have the total amount.

By bus

The other option you can use is by riding the bus from Mexico City to San Salvador by going through Guatemala. There is one bus that departs daily from Mexico City that will make the first stop at Tapachula near the border with Guatemala. This part of the trip lasts 15 hrs and will cost you $35.

From Tapachula, the bus will then head to Guatemala City. There are two buses daily on this route. It’s a 6 hr journey that will cost you around $30. From Guatemala, you will then travel for 3 hrs to San Salvador and it will cost you $20.


El Salvador is a great place to visit if you have a taste for the fine destinations in the world.

This article has discussed the most popular ways for cheap travel to El Salvador. Settling on one will depend on several things including your budget and how much time you can afford to spend on the trip. Based on your preferences select one and be ready to have a nice time in El Salvador.