Chalchuapa El Salvador. Historic municipality in Santa Ana.

By Karla Ramos  |  Aug 11th, 2022
Chalchuapa El Salvador.Chalchuapa Municipal Park.

Chalchuapa El Salvador is a town and a municipality of great importance to the country; it is home to major archaeological sites such as El Tazumal, Casablanca, Trapiche, Las Victorias, Pampe, and Amulunga. It is located in the department of Santa Ana near the Guatemalan border.

The area of Chalchuapa was home to many indigenous people that thrived in the region. As a result, this area has a fantastic history that goes back to pre-colonial times.

Throughout colonial times, Chalchuapa played a significant role during the conflicts the country had with other nations, mainly against Guatemala.

Here, in 1885, the president of Guatemala at the time, General Justo Rufino Barrios, was wounded during a bloody battle; he subsequently died from the injuries.

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Chalchuapa is located in the eastern part of the country, about 15 kilometers from the city of Santa Ana. The municipality borders with the departments of Ahuachapan to the west and Sonsonate to the south. Additionally to the north, it borders with the nation of Guatemala.

Visiting Chalchuapa El Salvador.

Unquestionably, visiting the municipality of Chalchuapa is a popular thing to do for both local and foreign tourists; this area is home to many of the best archaeological sites in El Salvador.

The good thing about the archaeological sites in the area is that they are near each other; therefore, in one day, you can visit many of them.

The most popular archaeological places in the area are El Tazumal, Casa Blanca, Trapiche, and Las Victorias.

Undoubtedly, most people come to Chalchuapa to visit the archaeological sites. Nevertheless, other things can be done in this area; for example, you can try the local gastronomy, visit the colonial church, or just enjoy the local culture.

Additionally, you can visit the indigo dyeing workshop at Casablanca, try the locally grown coffee, and go shopping for souvenirs.

Visit Chalchuapa on your own or with a Salvadoran tour company; Chalhuapa composes one of the most important archaeological areas of El Salvador.

Short historical facts about Chalchuapa El Salvador.

The following are some interesting facts about the municipality of Chalchuapa.

  • Pokeman or Pipil Indians lived in the Chalchuapa area before colonial times.
  • In 1850, the Chalchuapa area, by law, became part of the department of Sonsonate.
  • In 1859, a legislative decree gave Chalchuapa the title of Villa.
  • Then, in February 1878, a legislative decree changed Chalchuapa’s status from Villa to City.
  • In 1885, Chalchuapa officially became part of the department of Santa Ana.
  • Guatemalan President Justo Rufino Barrios, in 1885, invaded Chalchuapa; he wanted to unify all of Central America by force.
  • In April 1885, a fierce battle between Guatemalan and Salvadoran forces took place; in this battle, General Justo Rufino Barrios died.

Without a doubt, there is plenty of more historical information about the municipality; however, the ones mentioned above are just some of the most relevant.

Chalchuapa El Salvador

Chalchuapa’s Economy.

The economy of the municipality is based on agriculture, farming, commerce, tourism, and other industries.

Evidently, a large portion of the population works mainly in the agricultural sector; which produces basic grains, sugar cane, and fruits. Additionally, farming is another principal industry in this municipality, the growing of cattle, pigs, and poultry, are the most common.

The commerce at this municipality is very active; Chalchuapa gets a lot of people from neighboring towns and from Guatemala; these people are looking to buy and sell all types of items.

Undoubtedly, tourism is a big part of the municipality’s economy; every day, you will see people from other regions and countries doing touristic activities in Chalchuapa.

Lastly, there are other industries in the municipality that have a significant impact in the community; for instance, coffee producers, sugar producers, and the clothing industry.

Chalchuapa’s Heritage.

The heritage at this municipality is visible in some cultural customs and traditions that they celebrate.

The pre columbia heritage is clearly visible in places such as Tazumal , Casa Blanca, Las Victorias, and El Trapiche.

The colonial-era heritage can be ascertained by visiting the colonial church, which is more than 350 years old.

Chalchuapa is one of the municipalities in the country whose heritage stretches back to pre-Columbian times.

The Municipality of Chalchuapa El Salvador.

Chalchuapa El Salvador is unquestionably one of the regions of the country that has deep ties to pre-colonial times. This municipality is a great location to spend a day exploring the archaeological ruins. But at the same time doing other activities in the area.

So, if you ever get the chance, travel to El Salvador and visit the Chalchuapa area; or if you already live in the country, take the time and visit this municipality.