A Guide to Eco-Conscious Traveling While in College

College years are perfect for exploring the oriental culture, having fun in New York, or visiting the old European capitals. The only problem might be the limited budget. But we know how to kill two birds with one stone: not to exceed the limit of expenses and make traveling eco-conscious at the same time.

Students catch up with new trends pretty quickly, especially if they are money-saving. Here are the main reasons why students can easily start traveling eco-consciously:

  • College people are usually very flexible;
  • They tend to be maximalists when it comes to defending their ideals;
  • They adapt to changes quickly.

When we mentioned the limited budget as the only possible issue connected with traveling, we were not 100% honest. Of course, we are aware of the heavy workload and time-management issues. We bet that the thought “I need assignment help online!” crosses your mind multiple times during the week. Fortunately, there are professional writers who can hear your call for help.

Once you free some time for your journey, let us consider the eco-friendly aspects. You will be surprised how easily you can make the world a better place without investing your money. Only your willingness to slow down global warming and your effort to help the environment matter.


Of course, this is the first aspect that comes to mind when we talk about traveling. The idea is very simple. The less air-polluting vehicle you choose, the better it is for the environment. Bus travel instead of flights or bike rides instead of taxis – each step can reduce the degree of carbon emissions and your expenses.

And do not forget that you can walk when the distance is reasonable. It is good for your body and not harmful to your wallet – what other arguments do you need?

By all means, it is important to stay realistic. We cannot completely exclude traveling by plane, especially when we are talking about trips from the USA. What we can do is book non-stop flights instead of connecting ones.

When you are traveling within the borders of one country, hitch-hike. Even a pessimist can find numerous advantages here:

  • saving money;
  • being eco-friendly;
  • meeting new people and making friends.


From looking after elephants in Thailand to building in Tanzania, there are plenty of opportunities for students to volunteer and see the world at the same time. But do not forget you can choose an organization whose activity is eco-friendly. And again, this is a perfect combination: you help the environment, travel anywhere in the world, learn some skills, and meet new people.


When you arrive in a new city, you book an apartment or rent a hotel room for your stay. These facilities often have toiletries for their guests. However, if you bring your own shampoo or soap, it will mean less trash to throw away or recycle. It is a much better and more efficient way.

In the past, students had to submit their hand-written essays. They often wasted lots of paper because they needed to rewrite things over and over. Luckily, these days we have the best paper writing services at our disposal, and the process has become digital. There is no need to throw away or recycle tons of paper. All these are good examples of how we can help our environment. So we hope next time you travel, you will bring your own toiletries.

Some eco-friendly techniques are obvious, and we hope that it goes without saying for you. But just to make sure we are on the same page, here is a check-list for your eco-conscious stay in another place:

  • wash your clothes with your hands;
  • turn off the power before leaving;
  • take shorter showers;
  • bring reusable water bottles;
  • order small potions that you can definitely finish.

Final Words

We all sometimes feel very small and powerless in this big world. But in fact, even a tiny effort can make a tremendous change. This article describes just a few ways how you can contribute to the environment as a student. And, as a nice incentive, save some extra bucks for a delicious latte in a recyclable paper cup!