Typical Salvadoran Breakfast. Traditional food from El Salvador.

Typical Salvadoran Breakfast

The typical Salvadoran breakfast includes beans, eggs, fried plantains, cheese or sour cream, and tortillas or bread. However, in some instances, sausage and avocado are added as extra items.

This traditional Salvadoran breakfast is consumed by the majority of the population. It can be found at all food places that serve breakfast in El Salvador. Obviously, the cost will vary depending on the location you buy it; the prices can range from $2.00 at a local market to over $10.00 at a fancy hotel or restaurant.

Typical Salvadoran Breakfast
Typical Salvadoran breakfast.

The majority of food places will serve scrambled eggs. However, some locations will give you the option of having the eggs cooked differently, such as over easy, hard scrambled, and soft boiled. Some places will also give you choices regarding scrambled eggs; you can add items to it, such as vegetables or sausages.

The most popular type of beans to eat with breakfast in El Salvador is liquid or blended beans that are then refried. Nevertheless, some places will give choices, such as refried beans, whole beans, or beans with rice or Casamiento, as is popularly known.

The best way to sample a Typical Salvadoran breakfast is to visit a breakfast, Buffett. Here you will be able to try different types of beans, eggs, and meats.

Salvadoran breakfast buffet
Salvadoran Breakfast buffet.

A typical Salvadoran breakfast is easy to prepare; you only need a little time to get it done. Visit our page, Typical Salvadoran food, to learn about other foods popular in El Salvador.

Other Typical Salvadoran Breakfasts.

Every morning Salvadoran prepare or buy the traditional breakfast with your beans, eggs, and fried plantains. This is the Salvadoran breakfast of champions. Here are other typical breakfasts that all good Guanacos have tried at some point.

Coffee with sweets or Cafe con Pan.

Coffee with sweets or Cafe con Pan as is known, is a popular breakfast for many Salvadorans. This type of breakfast is popular in the eastern part of the country. It consists of soaking sweets in freshly brewed coffee and eating it.


What can I say about this dish? Pupusas are great to start the day for many Salvadorans. The most famous Salvadoran food is a standard option during breakfast.

The typical Salvadoran breakfast.

The traditional Salvadoran breakfast is a big part of Salvadoran culture. This dish is not extravagant or expensive, but it illustrates Salvadoran culture. A typical Salvadoran breakfast is a great way to start a productive day.

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