The Best Couples Resorts in the USA

We all enjoy the time with our partner, with no worries, distractions, or daily disturbances, which is quite rare in our fast-paced life. Spending some quality time together is the foundation of the couple’s strength, vitality, and mutual understanding. No matter how busy your days are, the time with partners should be valued above all. 

We have chosen the best couples resorts in the USA, to let you enjoy the holiday of dreams with your beloved ones. 

The Best Couples Resorts in the USA

Saranac Lake (New York)

New Your is situated relatively close to Saranac Lake (a part of Adirondack State Park), which captures your heart with its pristine beauty and the possibility of getting away from overly-active city life. Unlike other lakes, like Lake George, Saranac Lake is less popular, and allows one to feel some freedom of movement. 

According to the Travel Wise Way guide, entertainment at Saranaca Lake mainly includes lots of boating, canoeing, and hiking, which let you be together, and enjoy some quality time.

The variety of lodging starts with simple cabins and goes up to luxurious apartments and villas. The choice is up to you. 

Big Sur (California)

Big Sur deserves the top place among the best couples resorts in the USA as well. It has been drawing the attention of the visitors for years; a vacation spent in Big Sur is often a family tradition. 

One of the main reasons for such a magnetic attraction is its location – stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, redwood forest, and countless options for entertainment – hiking, boat tours, fishing, meditation classes, yoga, etc. If you are not willing to participate in any pre-organized activities, you can simply enjoy the views and hearty conversations on from private patios, with cozy fireplaces, and an atmosphere fully dedicated to two people. 

The food choice will fit any taste, as cafes and restaurants feature some world-famous cuisines. 

Barnard (Vermont)

Vermont, Green Mountain State, is a place immersed in greenery, stunning rolling hills, and mountains. Vermont is often a choice for newlyweds, who are looking for some quiet places, further from the hoards of people. 

Barnard is a small town in Vermont; one of its most attractive features is its romantic and pleasant atmosphere, which possesses an irresistible charm any time of the year – private apartments, small hotels, cozy farmhouses surrounded by gardens – there is something for everyone to choose from. As a rule, the cottages are located deep in the woods, to let the couples enjoy serenity and silence of their own world.

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Ketchikan (Alaska)

Alaska is truly a remote and rather specific choice, yet definitely memorable. When choosing Alaska, not only do you both benefit from quality time together, but also have a chance for 24/7 unity with the pristine beauty of nature. 

One of the iconic destinations is Salmon Falls Resort, which is a dream place for anglers – first-timers or seasoned professionals. After enjoying hours of silence while waiting for a fish, a couple can board a floatplane a head toward the Misty Fjords National Monument to discover alpine lakes and glacial bays. All the natural beauties are rather remote from each other, thus, the journey itself will seem to be an adventure.

Home Sweet Home

Doesn’t sound like real fun, right? However, some couples have a rather active lifestyle, being always on the move, hence, staying at home may be the best option for them (at least, once in a while). Homestay break doesn’t suppose only endless sleep-ins, there is a variety of things to do together in the hometown – workshops, cinema, or theatre, long walks, love-story photosets, etc. Most importantly – dedicate this time only to the two of you, as it is the only thing that matters. 

The Final Thoughts

Every healthy relationship requires quality time and attention. Despite all the overloaded schedules and work-home matters, it is simply vital to make the time for the two of you. Whether it’s a short trip or a long journey, each one will contribute to your lifelong memories.