The Benefits Of Video Games For Older People

When you think of video games, does it ever occur that a 60-year-old grandpa is sitting in front of a TV playing video games? Interestingly 15% of the estimated video game players are aged above 55. Sounds astonishing, right? But it’s true.

There are tons of benefits of video games and Virtual Reality (VR) for older people, which will be discussed later in this article. So, let’s get going.

5 Benefits of Video Games for Older People

The 5 benefits of video games for older people include:

  1. Improves Mobility and Balance

The games that need the user to move around a bit, also known as Exergames, have been proven to be a great way to improve balance and mobility in older people. These games are fun and engaging, and anyone can play them from the comfort of their home, which is fantastic for older games as they usually don’t want to go out much. 

Games that require physical interaction, like Beat Saber, VR games, and more, improve the balance, coordination, and reflexes of senior people due to the quick decision-making and action required to play the games. These games have already revolutionized physical exercise for older people. According to a study, falls in older people became less after using treadmills combined with VR.

  1. Reduces the Risk of Alzheimer’s

According to an estimation, 6 million people are living in the US with Alzheimer’s. And their treatments are highly valued. Recently, in 2017, research was conducted which showed a link between video games and Alzheimer’s. It clearly showed how the latter was increased by playing video games.

So, if there are any older people at your home, try using video games and see if their Alzheimer’s improves. Video games are not just for fun, they can be a life-changer as well for many people.

  1. Improves Cognitive Ability

Apart from improving balance and reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s, video games also help in improving the cognitive ability of older people. Playing these video games helped people improve their memory, especially short-term memory. It assists senior people in remembering things like names, addresses, phone numbers, and dates as compared to when they don’t play any video games.

These video simulations also force users to quickly change between scenarios, which is a healthy mental exercise for older people. It increases mental flexibility and multi-tasking ability. So, for people who think video games are a waste of time, they should definitely read these benefits.

  1. Better Emotional Well-being

The older people who play video games regularly are usually in a better mood as compared to the ones who don’t play any. A study was conducted in which 140 seniors over 63 years old participated. 

It showed that both regular and occasional video gamers reported greater well-being, social functioning and health than non-gamers. Additionally, the rate of depression was also reported less in people who played video games as compared to the ones who didn’t at all.

  1. Games Make People Social

Usually, the games people play are multiplayer, which forces them to communicate with other people. This could be online or a friend sitting next to you. Either way, the social well-being of such people increases as they are continuously communicating with someone and enjoying their time rather than being alone and depressed.

Video games can help tackle loneliness. Online games can also help improve social skills and understanding behavior, collaboration and teamwork. So, even if you’re a 30-year-old adult and don’t feel like going out, video games could be the best way to be social from the comfort of your home.

Which Video Games Are Excellent for Older People?

Let’s take a look at a few types of video games which older people can play and enjoy.

  1. VR Games

One of the most beneficial games for older people is the VR games. These games force them to move around, use their cognitive ability and socialize. All these things are what make video games the best option.

  1. Play-to-Earn (P2E) Games

There is a new concept of P2E games in the world of video games. These games run on blockchain technology and allow individuals to earn passively while enjoying the games they love. But for these games, you’ll need cryptocurrency for which you can Click here to do so. With just your credit card, you can buy any crypto token you need in a flash and use it to start earning from these games. It will also help older people from being dependent on other people for food and luxuries as they’ll be earning for themselves.  

  1. Puzzle and Sports Games

Puzzle games can help older adults in improving their short-term memory, while sports games will force them to move around, this improving their balance and mobility. Every game has its perks and benefits, and older people can play the ones that are most suitable for their condition. 

Summing Up

And there you have it! The benefits of video games are endless. As video games become more popular and technology evolves, there are many new ways to play games and get involved. As an older adult, you don’t have to take up playing video games full-time to reap the benefits.