Salvadoran Red Cross Conducts “El Paso del Hombre 2024” Aquatic Endurance Test

The Swimming Challenge is in Preparation for the Holy Week Holiday Vacation

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Mar 11th, 2024

On Sunday, March 10, 2024, the Salvadoran Red Cross conducted the “El Paso del Hombre 2024 Challenge,” the aquatic test of endurance in preparation for the Holy Week vacation.

The aquatic endurance test involves swimming 21 kilometers in open water, starting from Las Flores beach in La Libertad and concluding at El Majahual beach.

16-year-old lifeguard Dayana Melendez emerged as the first to reach the finish line. It was Dayana’s first time participating in the competition; she is a Red Cross specialized lifeguard.

Salvadoran Red Cross lifeguard Dayana Melendez
Salvadoran Red Cross lifeguard Dayana Melendez. Image by El Salvador Red Cross.

Melendez was the first of over 150 participants to finish the “El Paso del Hombre 2024” competition, which included novices, experienced, and veteran swimmers.

She defeated other swimmers from the Salvadoran Red Cross, the National Navy, Military School, Civil Protection, and swimming clubs. She also beat lifeguards from the Honduran and Costa Rican Red Cross.

The event held on Sunday marked its 58th edition, and this year serves as a tribute to the “Bicentennial of the Armed Forces of El Salvador.”

Excellent performance from the members of the Salvadoran Armed Forces in the “Paso del Hombre 2024,” dedicated to the Bicentenary of the institution. El Salvador Minister of Defense Rene Francis Merino Monroy.

According to the El Salvador Minister of Defense 40 Armed Forces members finished the challenge of swimming 21 kilometers in the open sea.

The tiredness was noticeable on the part of the participants after swimming the 21 kilometers; therefore, it was necessary to carry some participants out on stretchers.

The objective of the Salvadoran Red Cross event is to test the resistance and physical skill of the lifeguards as a final point in their preparation to begin providing their service in different tourist destinations during the country’s vacation season.

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During the Holy Week vacations, Salvadoran beaches get filled with beachgoers looking to relax, have fun, and spend time with family. However, these holidays are well-known for the number of people who have died while vacationing.