The 11th Jocote Baron Rojo Festival in San Lorenzo, Ahuachapan, Is Set for Sunday, April 7, 2024

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Apr 6th, 2024

As it has occurred 10th times before, the San Lorenzo district in the Ahuachapan North municipality will hold its traditional Jocote Baron Rojo festival; the 11th Jocote celebration will be on Sunday, April 7, starting at 8:00 AM at the municipal plaza.

Jocote Baron Rojo is one of the two identifying products of the San Lorenzo district. The other is the Loroco flower, an edible plant popular with Pupusa lovers.

Every year, during the Jocote Baron Rojo festival, local entrepreneurs showcase their creativity by offering a diverse array of dishes made from this seasonal fruit, much to the enjoyment of tourists.

Local vendors will offer everything from traditional recipes to the most peculiar ones, such as jocote pupusas, jocotes in honey, jocote pizza, jocote pudding, jocote sorbet, jocote sweet bread, and jocote desserts, among others.

Furthermore, attendees will be able to enjoy a range of beverages, including traditional jocote soft drinks, jocote wine, chicha de jocote, jocote atole, and several other options.

If you like exotic gastronomy, you cannot miss our festival and try delicacies such as ceviche with jocote, bread with garlic and jocote, jocote sorbet, michelada de jocote, pizza de jocote, pupusas de jocote, tartlets de jocote, pastel de jocote and many more specialties that our entrepreneurs have prepared to make this experience something unique. San Lorenzo City Hall.

Tourists can also partake in guided tours of the jocote plantations, commencing at 8:00 in the morning, providing them with insights into the fruit’s production process.

San Lorenzo Ahuachapan
San Lorenzo Ahuachapan. Image by Ministerio de Turismo.

The production of jocote Baron Rojo is one of the primary sources of the local economy; currently, there are around 250 and 300 small and large producers. According to local authorities, the district has approximately 650 cultivated blocks of jocote Baron.

Jocote Baron Rojo is a popular tropical fruit known for its vibrant red color and tangy-sweet flavor. Jocote Baron Rojo is excellent for making tasty culinary delights and traditional beverages. This delicious fruit is part of Salvadoran culture.