Is It A Good Idea To Buy Kratom From Startups? 5 Points To Remember

Kratom is an extract from a tree known as Mitragyna speciosa. Cultivators mainly use the leaves to produce the kratom extracts, kratom powder, and different products.

The Mitragyna industry is growing quickly, and new kratom brands are entering the market. As of 2022, the kratom industry is a mammoth $1.13 billion, and the USA is the largest kratom consumer. 

Many kratom users fear that a startup kratom vendor won’t sell good products, and one shouldn’t buy from them. However, startups usually provide kratom sample packs so as to ensure you find the one that meets your needs. We are here to discuss why you, as a customer, should purchase kratom extracts from startup companies. Let’s get started.

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Different Kratom Strains

When shopping for kratom, you will come across a collection of kratom strains, mainly from three different vein types of leaves. The different kratom strains include green, white, and red kratom. Let’s discuss a few words on each of the three.

Red Vein Kratom Strain

Red vein kratom powder is the most potent kratom powder. It comes from matured kratom leaves.

Other variants of The Red kratom strain

Red vein kratom strains include Red Maeng da kratom powder and Red Indo as outstanding examples.

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Green vein kratom Strains

Like the Green maeng da kratom, green strains come from semi-matured kratom leaves. These strains have a mildly potent alkaloid profile. These are among the most sought-after strains for people who love consuming kratom tea.

Other variants of The Green kratom strain

Green Borneo is a popular variant of this strain.

White Vein Kratom Strains

White strains come from immature leaves. The prices of these strains are higher than the other veins because of a great demand.

Other variants of The White kratom strain

White Thai is a great and powerful strain in this category.

Other Strains of Kratom

There are other strains of kratom, like bentuangie and yellow kratom. However, they aren’t popular, and the effects aren’t pronounced.

What Do Startup Kratom Vendors Sell?

Some startup companies sell high-quality kratom because they are trying to make a high-class kratom brand name for themselves. Like any other vendor, a startup vendor also sells kratom products. Some vendors have an extensive collection of kratom products, while some don’t have such an extensive inventory. Let’s talk about two of the highest-selling products in the industry.

Kratom Powders

Kratom in powder form is one of the oldest available forms. People mostly use powders to enjoy the effects of kratom.

You can make various recipes using these powders, like kratom smoothies and shots.

Kratom Capsules

Consuming a kratom capsule is the easiest way of taking the extract. These capsules aren’t rough on the stomach, and you can easily digest, eat, and not taste kratom’s ‘pungent’ and ‘earthy’ taste. All you need is some water or any liquid of your choice, and gulp down the capsule using the liquid and enjoy the effects anytime and anywhere.

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Should You Buy Kratom Online From Startup Vendors?

Much negativity is floating around buying kratom products from startup vendors. However, let’s talk about the positive side of buying kratom from your local store or an online vendor from your community.

You May Get Fresher Kratom Products

Many kratom companies in the market have some of the highest-quality kratom products because they are new, and the owners mainly have great experience in consuming kratom. Thus, these people have contacts with good cultivators and can pick high-quality kratom effortlessly.

In the case of big brands, they have their plantations and farmers, who may or may not have the right expertise in producing the highest quality kratom.

But, startup companies go from one cultivator to the other to source the best extracts. Thus, as a customer, you may enjoy some of the freshest kratom products when shopping from a startup vendor.

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You Will Support Your Local Brands

Supporting your local and known brands has many benefits because you, as a customer, can relate to the brand and the owners. You take them as one of your own and sense pride in their success. In addition, when a local startup brand makes a good name, your community also makes a name.

The benefits of supporting your community startup

The pros of supporting a local brand include the following –

  • The products are known to you, and you know they are safe. Thus, it aids the brand’s promotion because you will recommend the product to others.
  • When the local store grows, it helps increase the local economy. It helps create more jobs in your locality and your community. There were many examples when a single business became the face of an entire community due to the entrepreneur’s hard work and his community’s support.
  • Not only do you know the product, but also you know the whole team working behind the product. It is also suitable for the company because it gets fast feedback from the local people.
  • You get to enjoy better customer service because you are part of the same community that helps the business grow. You get to enjoy lower prices and personalized services.

Lower Prices And More Discounts

When you shop for kratom extract from startup vendors, you enjoy more discounts and affordable prices. Startups tend to keep their prices lower because they have to capture the market and provide their customers with outstanding products at a reasonable price.

However, with time, as their labor and production cost increases, they tend to increase the price. But, during the initial days, you will see unbelievable rates and exciting sales on your favorite kratom strains.

An online store has large warehouses for its products because they buy them at cheap wholesale rates, has an extensive collection of products that attract customers, and being digital, orders come from all corners of the country.

Thus, giving out extra discounts doesn’t cause them much trouble because these online stores enjoy high-profit margins.

You May Get New Strains

Startup kratom vendors always search for innovations to attract customers and increase their revenue. In the quest for innovations, often you will find these startup companies coming up with new strain combinations which are unique and not tasted by people before.

However, you should remember that whenever you see a new kratom on the shelf, you should ask for the safety reports of the product, and only then should you consume it. It would be best if you were confident in what you are consuming.

You May Get Personalized Service

You get to enjoy personalized services if you shop from your local physical smoke shops. In addition, the shop may provide you with premium kratom products at additional discounts.

It’s a win-win situation for both you and the shop because you get good kratom products at a lower price, and the shop strengthens its customer base by gaining your loyalty.

Most online kratom vendors nowadays have loyalty programs. Kratom users who become a part of the loyalty program enjoy massive discounts on kratom products by using their loyalty points.

In addition, you may also get free shipping by using these loyalty points. Thus, if you see a loyalty program and like the products from the vendor, you should enroll because the amenities are immense.

Many companies also have affiliate programs that help you earn money for yourself whenever you recommend the product to someone and when that person buys using your recommendation link or affiliate link.

Although affiliate marketing is an old technique, many startups still use it to gain more customers and give them personalized services.

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Is Buying Kratom From Startup Vendors Safe?

From the discussion above, it is safe to say that purchasing high quality kratom from startup kratom vendors is safe. However, there are a few negative sides that people can talk elaborately about. For example, you may not get good-quality products if the store isn’t known or you haven’t researched it much.

You may also get contaminated products that may cause health problems. There is also a problem of low-class customer service with many startups. Thus, it would help to do thorough research before selecting a company.

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Where Can I Buy Kratom Orlando Florida- Kona Kratom, An Excellent Vendor?

When looking for the places to buy Kratom in Orlando, Kona kratom can be one of the best kratom vendors in the USA. The vendors deliver different strains of kratom at competitive prices.

But you also need to make sure you know about the kratom legal laws of American Kratom Association

Kona kratom claims 100% satisfaction after consuming their products and has a hassle-free refund policy. All Kona kratom products carry third-party lab test reports, and the AKA recognizes the company.

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The famous strains are green malay, red maeng da, and red dragon. It also sells Green Horn, Green Borneo, Green Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, White Bali, White Sumatra, Red Thai Red, and Indo-Red Malay.

Final Words

There are a few things that you must know when shopping from kratom vendors online. You should see if the vendor has good online reviews, how much people rate the company, if the company gives third-party lab reports, how good the customer service is, how much the shipping fees are, and if the company offers money-back guarantees. Also focus on how long does kratom stay in your system to get the correct dose. We hope you will buy kratom from good startup vendors.