Ilopango Water Purification Plant: Chinese Government to Invest $40 Million in the Project

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Oct 13th, 2023

Yesterday, October 12, ANDA officials and representatives of the Chinese companies Hebei Construction Group and China Urban Construction Design and Research Institute visited the construction site of the Ilopango water treatment plant.

Hebei Construction Group will be in charge of the plant’s construction, and China Urban Construction Design & Research Institute will be in control of the design and supervision of the Ilopango Lake purification project.

This Ilopango Water Purification Plant, which will benefit more than 250 thousand residents, will have an investment of at least $40 million, paid by the Chinese Government.

The investment by the People’s Republic of China will be $40 million for the construction of the Ilopango water treatment plant.” Ruben Aleman, ANDA’s President.

According to ANDA officials, the plat will benefit 250,000 people and will be built in the next three years.

The municipalities of Santo Tomas, Santiago Texacuangos, Ilopango, Soyapango, San Martin, San Francisco Chinameca, and San Marcos will benefit from the increase in the supply of drinking water from the Ilopango water treatment plant.

“It is a very important project that will bring water in quantity and quality to the southern sector of San Salvador; it is all thanks to the Chinese people and Government. We must remember that this project is thanks to the good management of President Nayib Bukele when he made his trip to China,” Stated Aleman.

ANDA’s president emphasized that the water for the plant will not be taken from Lake Ilopango but from the eight wells that will be drilled in the surrounding area.

You are not going to drink water from the lake per se. What is going to be done is a drilling of eight wells that, due to its very filter bed, reduces the concentration of any substance and can be treatable.” Ruben Aleman, ANDA’s President.

The Ilopango Water purification plant is a project given to El Salvador by the People’s Republic of China. Other projects by the Chinese Government include the theme park in La Libertad (Sunset Park), the National Library, and the new Stadium.