Salvadoran Government to Give Computers to All Students in Public Schools

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Feb 23rd, 2021
Gabriela de Bukele
First Lady and President Bukele with a High School student. Photo by @PresidenciaSV

On Monday, February 22nd, President Nayib Bukele, along with first lady Gabriela de Bukele and Minister of Education Carla Hanania de Varela, began delivering computers to students in public schools.

The first beneficiaries to receive the computers will be high school students. The president said that high school students are the ones who need it urgently; furthermore, the president announced that students would get to keep the computer.

“This is not a donation; this equipment was purchased with an investment of $450 million. These are Salvadoran tax dollars being used,” expressed the president.

Bukele also went into details regarding security for students and computers. “Each computer has security software that will allow us to track its location throughout the territory, even when the computer is turned off. We have thought about the safety of the students,” said President Bukele.

President Bukele expressed that this is a long-term initiative. “The real result of this initiative will be seen in 15 to 20 years,” said Bukele; he also stated that the previous government didn’t think long-term regarding education.

The computer delivery program is a joint initiative between the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Innovation, and the First Lady’s Office.

This initiative is part of the National Connectivity Plan, which aims to ensure all public students have access to a computer and free internet.

According to the government, High school students will be the first beneficiaries, then all the students until fourth grade; first, second, and third-grade children will be given a Tablet as they are easier to use.

These computers will have the Windows 10 system, the Classroom platform, and the Platzi system installed, which will allow students to reach an advanced level of the English language.

“The idea is that all students in all corners of the country receive a computer to close the digital divide,” says the education minister.

Starting on Tuesday, the government will deliver these computers to high school students in all 14 departments.

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