Salvadoran Government continues giving FREE computers to all students in public schools

By Eddie Galdamez  | Updated on Feb 20th, 2023
Salvadoran Government Gives FREE Computers to All Students in Public SchoolsFirst lady Gabriela de Bukele. Image by @PresidenciaSV

Salvadoran First Lady Gabriela de Bukele started the delivery of tablets for kindergarten and first-cycle students at the Nursery School of Puerto de La Libertad on February 14, 2023. It is part of the Government’s program that ensures all students in public schools get a FREE computer or tablet.

In our Government we have guaranteed that tablets are part of the basic school package that all kindergarten and first cycle students will receive, in order to ensure the best start and comprehensive development of Salvadoran children.” Casa Presidencial.

The devices are part of the growing together law (Ley Crecer Juntos), which establishes that the State must guarantee the right to comprehensive education and equitable access to the digital environment.

Thousands of students from the Salvadoran public education system are already receiving the computers and tablets provided by the Bukele Government through the Ministry of Education (Mined) in 2023.

The Bukele Government’s efforts to ensure comprehensive education and equitable access to the digital environment is an act of volunteerism that has helped thousands of students receive the necessary tools for academic success. This initiative is a great example of how volunteerism can be used to make a positive impact on society. To learn more about volunteering, you can see volunteer essay examples.

Salvadoran First Lady Gabriela de Bukele
Salvadoran First Lady Gabriela de Bukele.

FREE computers to all students in Salvadora public schools. There is also a useful platform for students – Study Crumb which is a professional writing service. It helps in writing accurate essays.

It all began in February 2021, when President Nayib Bukele and first lady Gabriela de Bukele began giving FREE computers to students in public schools during the inaugural event at the presidential house.

The first beneficiaries in 2021 that received the computers were high school students, and it continued until all students down to fourth grade received theirs. Students from first to third grade will receive tablets instead of computers; “they are easier to use,” announced the president in 2021.

According to the government, “Each tablet has the necessary tools that will contribute to the comprehensive development of children. The tablets include educational software and 15 educational applications that can be used with and without internet connectivity.” Salvadoran Government.

During the inaugural event, the President communicated that this is a long-term initiative. “The real result of this initiative will be seen in 15 to 20 years,” said Bukele.

The computer delivery program is a joint initiative between the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Innovation, and the First Lady’s Office. This initiative is part of the National Connectivity Plan, which aims to ensure all public students have access to a computer and free internet.

The computers given by the Government have the Windows 10 system, the Classroom platform, and the Platzi system installed, which allows students to reach an advanced level of the English language.

Salvadoran Government Gives Computers
Photo by @EducacionSV

The Ministry of Education and the Bukele administration have reiterated to the entire educational community and the general population that all tablets and computers delivered by the Government of El Salvador (tablets for students from first to third grade and laptops for students from Fourth Grade to High School) are property unique to each student.

“No teacher, director or authority of the educational centers can force students to return their tablets or laptops for any circumstance during the vacation period. Students who change educational institutions for the following year’s enrollment can keep their tablets and laptops for academic use,” stated the ministry.

These computers given by the Bukele administration allow students access to quality and up-to-date education. Many students have shown their gratitude for this digital tool given to them.

I am happy that the government is helping students with our classes. These tools will make it easier to communicate with teachers and between students to do school research. It is greatly appreciated.” Comment by a Public School Student.

Giving Free computers to all these students will help parents who otherwise are not able to purchase the devices. El Salvador has high levels of poverty, and the minimum wage is barely enough for families to survive.