El Salvador’s Pacamara Coffee Day, Enjoying a Caffeine Celebration

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Mar 23rd, 2024
El Salvador Pacamara Coffee Day

Coffee enthusiasts eagerly await the inaugural celebration of El Salvador Pacamara Coffee Day, a yearly event scheduled to take place on March 23.

Renowned for its unique flavor profile and exceptional quality, El Salvador Pacamara Coffee embodies the rich coffee culture of the country. Grown at high altitudes in El Salvador, this varietal captivates coffee enthusiasts worldwide with its distinct taste and aroma.

These Salvadoran Coffee Beans have participated in many coffee excellence contests and have always been among the first places, with scores between 90 and 93.52 points.

On some occasions, Pacamara Coffee has received the title of “Presidential Coffee.” These Salvadoran coffee beans have been exported to Germany, Japan, South Korea, China, and the United States, among other countries.

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Pacamara Coffee was a creation of the Salvadoran Institute for Coffee Research in 1958. These coffee beans were created by crossing the Pacas coffee variety with the Maragogipe Red. Its name derives from the two mixed varieties: Pacamara.

The specific events planned for this day are uncertain, as the upcoming celebration in 2024 will be the first of its kind.

On the March 12 plenary session, the Salvadoran legislature declared March 23 National Pacamara Coffee Day to promote coffee growing and the consumption of this variant of Salvadoran coffee; 66 legislators voted in favor.

With 66 votes in favor, we declare March 23 National Pacamara Coffee Day in order to promote coffee growing and the consumption of this variant of Salvadoran coffee. Salvadoran Legislative Assembly.

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Deputy Saul Mancia expressed “This type of coffee has very particular characteristics. Its quality is very enviable and El Salvador has participated in different competitions, obtaining excellent ratings. It is a bean that is produced in six mountain ranges and we will pay tribute to it.”

In summary, El Salvador Pacamara Coffee exemplifies the country’s commitment to excellence in coffee production. This tasty coffee is a variety of Salvadoran origin, which is currently one of the most demanded worldwide due to its high quality and prestige.