EB-5 Visa Explained: Discover the Process and Benefits

Wealthy immigrants are looking for a green card to open up the North American market to their company. However, it is not the only way to achieve this goal: America, like other modern countries, offers several options for immigration.

A special program for attracting investments is not provided, but it is possible to get permission for contributions to the economy. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the features and specifics of the US investor visa. Those entrepreneurs who have fulfilled the basic requirements receive the authorization.

American EB-5 Visa Overview

The offer has been available since 1990. During this time, the states have changed their approach to the selection of candidates, and today, a wealthy entrepreneur must:

  1. Invest in the economy. Any business enterprise that is valued at $800,000 will qualify for a US investment visa. 
  2. Create jobs. You need to hire residents. The size of the investment depends on the region: areas with low employment will allow you to “save” on the cost.
  3. Maintain the investment for two years. The company’s operation and the conclusion of a labor contract for a minimum period of two years or more will meet the criteria.

The goals of the U.S. government are to keep the economy growing and unemployment down. Requirements have been prepared for this purpose, including recommended contribution rates and continued employment.

Details of Application Process

It is relatively easy to choose an option for investing, but the difficulties are just beginning. The problem is that American law is difficult to learn. For this reason, Zlata Erlach (Immigrant Invest) recommends seeking legal advice

It makes the EB-5 visa application process simple, as indicated in this algorithm: 

  1. Verification. A preliminary verification is carried out to assess eligibility. This way, it is possible to eliminate inaccuracies in advance.
  2. Investment. Contributing to the state’s economy means choosing a project that the government approves.
  3. Documents. A package of papers is collected after selecting an option because the decision affects the country’s requirements.
  4. Contribution. The application processing starts after the funds are deposited, considering the selected investment option.
  5. Approval. The investor who has met the country’s requirements and confirmed that he meets the criteria gets a temporary residence permit.

A temporary green card brings you closer to achieving another goal – permanent residence. Despite the different legal statuses of the local population and the foreign investors, they have almost equal rights. The exception is the right to participate in elections and to apply for public office.

Upon the permit’s expiration, the applicant goes through the following confirmation steps: filling out a form, waiving the previously accepted conditions, and obtaining citizenship.

Your Rights After Obtaining

The decision on the application is conveniently sent to the applicant. The immigrant can then enjoy the rights of the local population. The list of opportunities includes:

  • obtain a medical service in public clinics;
  • access of the applicant or his children to the education system;
  • the ability to register a bank account and legal entity;
  • travel to countries that have signed an agreement with the United States.

A foreigner who has obtained a permit or other US visa types is legally liable. In addition, he pays taxes according to the applicable taxation system requirements.

Main Benefits of EB-5 Visa

It is possible to evaluate the program for wealthy immigrants on several pros. First, it is worth pointing out that a residence permit in the States allows you to join the cultural environment. In addition, the investor and his family get the right to:

  • free medical care;
  • study at state universities;
  • loan for education;
  • registration of citizenship after 5 years of permanent residence;
  • creation and development of your own business.

Residents of any country, even the states that are not members of international organizations and unions, may apply for a green card. The applicant enjoys the right to include other family members in the application without conditions of financial independence.

Approval of the application makes it possible to work, live, and study in the States as a citizen. There are no requirements for knowledge of the state or other mandatory language. Another thing that can be added to the list of EB-5 visa advantages is that the permit holder receives a clear algorithm of actions to obtain citizenship.


Access to a country of opportunities for business, education, and quality of life can be challenging. Step-by-step completion of the mandatory process can guarantee a residence permit that can develop into full citizenship. 

Practical recommendations and tips from experienced experts will help you achieve the desired result with minimal inconvenience. Specialists in law and international investment programs provide support on the path to naturalization.