This is why I think Christmas in El Salvador is better!

Over my lifetime, I have spent Christmas in different countries such as the USA, Japan, and England. The one thing that these countries have in common is the family atmosphere and presents. Other than that, everything else is different, each nation has its own unique customs and traditions.

I might be biased when it comes to thinking that Christmas in El Salvador is better; after all, I am Salvadoran. Nevertheless, this is my personal take on why Christmas in El Salvador is way better.

The family atmosphere.

The atmosphere in my family changes during December, from the grandparents all the way down to the smallest kids.

It begins with my grandmother, she goes around asking all the different family members what they are planning to cook for Christmas. Each family will cook Tamales and Panes Rellenos; however, per my grandmother, every family group must cook a different dish and share it with the other family members.

Then there are the mothers, in this case, I will use my own mother. It’s not even December, and she already is worried about everything that has to be done for Christmas. She worries about everything from the birth of Jesus’s display or “El Nacimiento” to what new clothes the kids are going to wear.

The rest of the family, which includes me, get to appreciate all the hard work my mother and grandmother do. Don’t get me wrong, we do help, our job is to do whatever we are told to do.

The whole atmosphere of stressing and preparing for Christmas is one of the reasons why I think Christmas in El Salvador is better.

Christmas food

The typical Christmas food in my family includes tamales and Panes Rellenos; this food is there for us to eat and to give as presents to whoever visits our house during Christmas.

Then there is the food it gets made for the immediate family, this food includes lasagna, stuffed turkey, Lomo Relleno, etc.

Per my grandmother’s instructions, each family member will make a special dish that will have to share with the rest of the immediate family.

In my mother’s case, she makes Lomo Relleno, it is chunks of pork stuffed with vegetables and beef meat. The whole process takes about 5 days to make.

The only time she makes Lomo Relleno is during Christmas, it’s a tiresome process, but it’s delicious. I got to tell you, Lomo Relleno is not healthy at all, but it is tasty.

Without a doubt, family cook meals is another reason I believe Christmas in El Salvador is better.

The neighborhood atmosphere during Christmas in El Salvador.

Lastly, is the atmosphere in my neighborhood or Colonia in Spanish. During December, it appears that everyone in the community comes together; they visit each other houses, look at the NACIMIENTO, and bring tamales or quesadillas.

This is something that is not done in other countries, well, at least in the countries I have spent Christmas in.

To sum up, maybe I am naive to think that Christmas in El Salvador is better; after all, it’s you and your family who make it extraordinary.

In any case, MERRY CHRISTMAS to anyone reading this post. I hope you have a great time wherever you are.

By Carlos Gomez from Cabañas.

If you haven’t had the chance to spend Christmas in El Salvador, you are missing a fantastic experience. So, travel to El Salvador in December and see for yourself!

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