El Salvador Parks

National Park Cerro Verde El Salvador

National Park Cerro Verde El Salvador, great for ecotourism

The National park Cerro Verde El Salvador is a natural protected area in western El Salvador. The Park has three volcanoes with a great climate and incredible views; two are stratovolcanoes, Izalco and Santa Ana, which visitors can hike to the summit. The third is Cerro Verde, an eroded … Read more

El Boqueron National Park

El Boqueron National Park El Salvador. A beautiful place.

El Boqueron National Park in El Salvador is a natural area located in the massive stratovolcano known as the San Salvador volcano. El Boqueron is found on the outskirts of the nation’s capital, about 23 kilometers from the San Salvador historic district. The National Park El Boqueron is a … Read more

Montecristo National Park El Salvador

Montecristo National Park in El Salvador. Amazing park.

Montecristo National Park in El Salvador is a protected forested area ideal for those looking to get in touch with nature. The National Park, also known as El Trifinio National Park, is a tri-national natural region. This unique region borders the Trifinio biosphere reserve in Guatemala and El Trifinio … Read more

Planes de Renderos El Salvador

Planes de Renderos El Salvador, fantastic natural location.

The Planes de Renderos El Salvador is an excellent place to unwind, enjoy nature, explore the natural parks, and do all kinds of ecotourist activities. Additionally, it has an all-embracing climate that fits all types of visitors. A visit to the famous Planes de Renderos is a popular thing … Read more

Gulf of Fonseca El Salvador

Gulf of Fonseca El Salvador, an astonishing body of water.

The Gulf of Fonseca El Salvador or Golfo de Fonseca in Spanish is an astonishing tri-national body of water shared between Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador. The Gulf is located in the eastern part of El Salvador, in the department of La Union. This body of water reaches inland … Read more

El Imposible National Park

El Imposible National Park El Salvador. Awesome ecotourism.

El Imposible National Park in El Salvador is the largest national protected area in the country. It is located at a high elevation in the department of Ahuachapan, between the municipalities of Tacuba and San Francisco Menendez. This fantastic natural area has plenty of flora and fauna for visitors … Read more

El Pital El Salvador

El Pital El Salvador, the highest point in the country.

El Pital El Salvador is one of the most beautiful and one of the most visited natural parks in El Salvador. It is located in the department of Chalatenango, near the colorful towns of San Ignacio and La Palma. This iconic park is one of the highest points in … Read more

National parks in El Salvador

National Parks in El Salvador, perfect for ecotourism adventures.

The most popular National Parks in El Salvador are Cerro Verde, El Pital, El Boqueron, Montecristo, El Imposible, and Walther Thilo. These parks offer excellent ecotourism activities for those who love nature. Visit El Salvador National Parks, exceptional flora and fauna are waiting for you. There are many reasons … Read more