Central America

Costa Rica's Homicide Rate

As of May 2024, Costa Rica’s Homicide Rate Is 2.36 per Day or 16.4 Homicides per Every 100,000 Inhabitants

In 2024, Costa Rica is maintaining a homicide rate similar to last year. The country’s current homicide rate stands at 2.36 per day or 16.4 homicides per every 100,000 inhabitants, which is slightly lower than the rate recorded in 2023. In 2023, Costa Rica’s Homicide Rate was 2.47 per day … Read more

Central America Homicide Rate

Central America Homicide Rate: El Salvador Had the Lowest and Honduras the Highest Murder Rate in 2023

Violence in Central America has long been a prevailing issue, profoundly impacting the region’s social fabric and development. The violence is rooted in complex historical, economic, and social factors, and it poses significant challenges to the stability and prosperity of its inhabitants. In the 2023 Central America Homicide Rate rankings, … Read more

Homicide Rate in Latin America

Latin America Homicide Rate: Which Country Had the Lowest Rate in 2023?

According to “InSight Crime’s 2023 Homicide Round-Up,“ At least 117,492 people were murdered in Latin America and the Caribbean during 2023, putting the median homicide rate around 20 per 100,000 people. But homicide data in many countries is missing or unreliable, so the actual number is likely higher. The countries … Read more

Ferry Between El Salvador and Costa Rica

The Cargo Ferry Between El Salvador and Costa Rica to Begin Operations on August 10

The cargo ferry between El Salvador and Costa Rica will start operating on August 10, 2023. The ferry will have two departures, Monday and Thursday, from La Union Port in El Salvador to Caldera Port in Costa Rica. Blue Wave Corporation indicated that a third weekly trip could be added … Read more

Best small towns in El Salvador

Small Towns in El Salvador: Experiencing Their Culture, History, Local Flavors, and Hospitality

The small towns in El Salvador offer visitors a combination of modern amenities in a colonial setting that fully displays the country’s history and culture. In these towns, visitors can see glimpses of the country’s past, such as the colonial times and, most recently, the armed conflict of the 1980s. … Read more

Lake Suchitlan in El Salvador

Lake Suchitlan in El Salvador, Exploring a Unique Wonder of El Salvador

Lake Suchitlan is an artificial lake part of Rio Lempa, one of the most recognizable rivers in El Salvador. Suchitlan Lake is a natural habitat for many species of birds and fish; additionally, it has extensive flora and fauna growing and living in and around the lake. Suchitlan Lake is … Read more