El Salvador Requests that Ex-President Alfredo Cristiani be Arrested by INTERPOL

By Karla Ramos  |  Jun 21st, 2023
Ex-President Alfredo CristianiSalvadoran ex-presidents, Calderon Sol, Alfredo Cristiani, and Paco Flores.

The Second Court of Instruction of San Salvador issued an arrest warrant for ex-president Alfredo Cristiani to the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), a judicial source informed.

The court requested a red notice diffusion against the former President of the Republic, Alfredo Cristiani Burkard, and the former deputy, Rodolfo Antonio Parker Soto; both have been charged for the 1989 massacre of six Jesuit priests and two collaborators, executed in the UCA Universidad Centroamericana Jose Simeón Cañas in 1989, by members of the Atlacatl Battalion.

Ex-president Cristiani is accused of criminal responsibility for the commission of the crime of murder, acts of terrorism, and proposition and conspiracy for acts of terrorism, according to the indictment. Ex-deputy Rodolfo Parker faces an accusation of crimes of procedural fraud and personal concealment.

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The National Central Bureau (NCB) of Interpol in San Salvador must evaluate the request and then send it to the headquarters in France, where a decision will be made on whether it is viable to issue the red alert to locate and arrest both defendants.

The Accusation Against Ex-President Alfredo Cristiani

Salvadoran Prosecutors brought formal charges against the former President and others for the 1989 massacre at UCA University.

Prosecutors stated that they have evidence that former President Alfredo Cristiani was present at a meeting that approved the 1989 massacre of six Jesuit priests and two others by soldiers of the Atlacatl Battalion.

The victims were the Spanish Ignacio Ellacuría, Segundo Montes, Ignacio Martin-Baro, Amando Lopez, and Juan Ramon Moreno; also, Salvadoran Joaquin Lopez, Elba (a UCA worker) and her 16-year-old daughter, Celina Ramos.

We have witnesses who tell us that President Cristiani was present at the General Staff and was informed of what the military had agreed upon, that is, the operation that consisted, first of all, of the raid on the UCA facilities.” Salvadoran Prosecutor.

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According to the prosecution, Rev. Ignacio Ellacuria had several phone calls with Cristiani before soldiers burst into the Central American University campus, where the Jesuits lived.

Cristiani told Ellacuria “he should not worry about the raid being carried out at the UCA, and asked him to remain calm and stay where he was.”

The whereabouts of ex-president Cristiani are unknown! The former President is one the most influential people in the right-wing political party ARENA.

It must be remembered that the former president has been a fugitive from Salvadoran justice for the crime of murder, for approximately 1 year, due to his participation in the death of the Jesuit priests and 2 more employees.” Attorney General Rodolfo Delgado.