The Cargo Ferry Between El Salvador and Costa Rica to Begin Operations on August 10

By Eddie Galdamez  | Updated on Jul 31st, 2023
Ferry Between El Salvador and Costa RicaFerry Between El Salvador and Costa Rica. Image by CEPASV

The cargo ferry between El Salvador and Costa Rica will start operating on August 10, 2023. The ferry will have two departures, Monday and Thursday, from La Union Port in El Salvador to Caldera Port in Costa Rica.

Blue Wave Corporation indicated that a third weekly trip could be added if demand increases. The ship will have a capacity of approximately 100 containers and will save time as it will last 24 hours; currently, a land trip to Costa Rica from El Salvador takes about five days.

A container in a trailer takes up to 5 days to transport the products by land and must pass the controls of six customs during its journey from El Salvador to Costa Rica or vice versa; the ferry is only two customs, one for departure and one for entry to the destination country.

The Blue Wave Harmony ferry is a 170-meter vessel designed specifically for this journey and will be the flagship vessel in charge of providing quality service between the country countries.

The CEO of Blue Wave Corporation, Dr. Michael Volks, has highlighted the importance of this new route for the region, as it will significantly shorten travel times.

This exciting milestone marks a significant step in our mission to connect Central America through a maritime trade route in the Pacific that promises to shorten travel times, going from around five days to just 24 hours with the new cargo route. Michael Volks, CEO of Blue Wave Corporation.

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Among the main benefits the new marine route will bring to regional trade are the reduction of wear and maintenance of cargo units and the prevention of theft and bribery while in transit. It will also reduce the cost of inventory and control and will maximize operational resources.

With the entry into operation of the ferry, companies in the region are expected to join this initiative, building a more sustainable and prosperous future for the Central American countries.

The ferry project between El Salvador and Costa Rica will benefit the commerce sector the most, as evidenced by the trade figures between the two countries.

La Union Port in El Salvador
Ferry Between El Salvador and Costa Rica. Image by CEPASV

El Salvador Ferry, a strategic project to facilitate trade with Costa Rica

El Salvador Ferry is a strategic project by the Nayib Bukele administration to strengthen the commercial exchange between Costa Rica and El Salvador; the ferry connects the Port of La Union in El Salvador and the Caldera Port in Costa Rica.