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Suchitoto El Salvador

Top 10 Fun Things To Do In El Salvador For A Tourist

El Salvador is a good choice if you plan to have some adventurous experiences. Most people ignore El Salvador since they often choose options like California and New York in America.  Despite being the smallest country in Central America, this area is filled with beautiful volcanoes and beaches, making it … Read more

Churches in El Salvador

10 Must-Visit Churches in El Salvador: Exploring Divine Beauty and Cultural Heritage

The Churches in El Salvador are incredible; they have beautiful styles such as Colonial, Gothic, Baroque, Early Christian, and Modern. Also, each church has an astonishing history that appeals to all kinds of visitors. The best Churches in El Salvador to visit are the Santa Ana Cathedral, the San Salvador … Read more

President Nayib Bukele

Nayib Bukele with an easy path to a second presidential term in El Salvador

The time has arrived for the 2024 Salvadoran presidential campaign to begin. All Salvadoran political parties have ended their internal elections and are ready to officially start their campaign to defeat the most popular president in Latin America, Nayib Bukele. The presidential candidates seeking to step out of Bukele’s shadow are Manuel “Chino” Flores from the left-wing FMLN … Read more

Cannabis in El Salvador

Is it Legal to Grow Cannabis in El Salvador?

Is weed legal in El Salvador? The country’s 200 miles of coastline, numerous volcanoes, and Mayan ruins make it an ideal tourist destination. It’s the perfect location to experience the wonders of cannabis. Or is it? Whether you’re a weed enthusiast, citizen, or traveler, we’ve got you covered on the … Read more

Salvadoran Chicha

Salvadoran Chicha, the Drink of Salvadoran Ancestors

Salvadoran Chicha is a traditional fermented alcoholic beverage made primarily from corn. It has been a part of Salvadoran culture for centuries and is drunk at festivals, social gatherings, and family celebrations. The traditional Chicha from El Salvador is prepared using fermented corn grains, panela brown sugar, ginger, black pepper, … Read more

El Salvador Flag

Unfreedom Monitor Report: El Salvador

Authoritarian regimes have long had a complicated relationship with media and communications technologies. The Unfreedom Monitor is a Global Voices Advox research initiative examining the growing phenomenon of networked or digital authoritarianism. This extract is of the executive summary of the report on El Salvador, from the series of reports to come out of the research under the … Read more

This new, trending Cuban song calls for artists to speak out against the island’s regime

Try as we might to be optimistic in describing Cuba’s current social landscape, it really is bleak. The inhabitants of the island are emotionally and psychologically drained. With unprecedented inflation, the dollarization of the economy, supply and medicine shortages, endless blackouts, increased insecurity and social inequalities, or worse still, the regime’s systematic repression of those who speak out, analysts … Read more