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Despite better security, Salvadorans still migrating in 2023

This article by Eddie Galdamez originally appeared on on February 1, 2023. On Christmas Eve, the Rivera family enjoyed the traditional Salvadoran celebrations. The kids set off firecrackers in the streets, the teenagers chatted and texted on the patio, and the adults sipped their drinks and listened to music … Read more

San Salvador El Salvador

3 Individuals who regularly inform about El Salvador in English

We live in a time when it is easy for anyone to start a blog, a podcast, a news site, a YouTube channel, etc. These individuals, just like me, want to inform or share their opinions with whoever is willing to listen, read, or watch them. Some of the information … Read more

Why You Should Put El Salvador On Your Bucket List For 2023

If you’re looking for a place to travel to in 2023, El Salvador should be at the top of your list. With its stunning beaches and lush jungles, El Salvador is an underrated destination that offers plenty of opportunities for exploration.  From its vibrant culture to its fascinating history, there … Read more

Living in El Salvador

Living in El Salvador. get to know the top Reasons for Moving to El Salvador

Living in El Salvador is an excellent option! Year after year, many people from different nations choose to make the smallest country in Central America their new home; also, many Salvadorans that left are now moving back. Life in El Salvador is a unique and attractive experience worth exploring. Moving … Read more

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El Salvador’s Pegasus spyware case left uninvestigated ten months later

This article by Jose Luis Benitez originally appeared on on November 16, 2022. Ten months ago, in January 2022, Access Now and the Citizen Lab confirmed that several journalists were targeted with the use of NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware on a massive scale in El Salvador. At least, the mobile phones of 35 journalists … Read more

Poverty in El Salvador

Poverty in El Salvador, an issue that leads to crime and migration

Poverty in El Salvador is an issue that a large percentage of Salvadoran families and individuals have to face every day. These daily struggles are even worse in 2022; due to the global crisis of high prices, the war in Ukraine, and the remaining effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. El … Read more

How can Salvadorans vote in elections

How can Salvadorans vote in elections? The next elections are in 2024

How can Salvadorans vote in elections? Salvadorans within the country can vote in all public elections at the designated polling place in the municipality they reside. Salvadorans living abroad can vote via the internet and at designated locations such as consulates and embassies; however, some restrictions may apply. To cast … Read more