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Top things to do in San Salvador

Historical Tourist Attractions in El Salvador

El Salvador is nestled in the heart of Central America, and it’s renowned for its enchanting blend of history, culture, and natural beauty.  Although it’s the smallest country in the region, this isn’t to say that it doesn’t have a huge amount of historical significance. In fact, El Salvador boasts … Read more

Is El Salvador Safe to visit

Is El Salvador Safe to Visit in 2024? A Comprehensive Safety Guide for Travelers

Absolutely, El Salvador is safe to visit in 2024! While the country grappled with high crime rates before 2020, there has been a tremendous decline in violence, reaching its lowest levels in over four decades. Today, El Salvador stands out as one of the safest countries in Latin America Crime … Read more

Holy Friday in Sensuntepeque. Image by Alcaldia Sensuntepeque.

Sensuntepeque With the Largest Street Carpet in El Salvador During the Procession of the Holy Burial

Creating street carpets for the Holy Burial procession on Good Friday is one of the most symbolic traditions in El Salvador’s Holy Week celebrations. The highly decorated street rugs during Holy Week are one of the traditions and expressions of faith that many Salvadorans still keep alive, specifically in cities … Read more

Talcigüines of Texistepeque

Los Talcigüines of Texistepeque: A Salvadoran Holy Week Tradition Worth Experiencing

Every year’s Holy Monday, the famous Talcigüines of Texistepeque take to the streets dressed in red and whip visitors and locals alike to cleanse their sins. The whip-wielding demons hitting people is a cultural tradition of Texistepeque in the Santa Ana North municipality. The Talcigüines of Texistepeque are part of … Read more

El Salvador Political Parties

El Salvador Political Parties: Navigating El Salvador’s Political Landscape

The political parties in El Salvador unveil a diverse spectrum of ideologies, histories, and influences. From established entities such as ARENA, PCN, and New Ideas to emerging ones such as VAMOS and Solidarity Force, each political party plays a pivotal role in shaping the country’s political dynamics and governance. The … Read more

Dating a Hispanic Woman

7 Facts You Should Know about Dating a Hispanic Woman

For many guys, dating and marrying Hispanic brides is a dream come true. These ladies are known for their fiery temperament, loyalty, and fantastic cooking skills. In fact, some guys are even willing to travel to countries such as Venezuela and Colombia to meet their future wife. Unfortunately, dating a … Read more

ARENA Political Party

Dramatic Decline: The ARENA Political Party Lost 79.25% of Votes in the 2024 Presidential Elections

In the 2024 presidential election, the Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA) political party experienced a significant decrease of 79.25% in votes compared to the 2019 election. The once-influential political party obtained only 177,881 votes in the 2024 presidential elections, marking a substantial decrease of 679,203 votes compared to the 857,084 it … Read more