Romeo Auerbach asks to Repeal Decree Honoring UCA’s Andreu Oliva as “Meritorious Son of El Salvador”

By Eddie Galdamez  |  Nov 16th, 2023
Romeo Auerbach Salvadoran PoliticianRomeo Auerbach. Image by @romeoauerbach

GANA’s deputy Romeo Auerbach introduced a proposal to the Legislative Assembly to remove the title of “Most Meritorious Son of El Salvador” from the rector of the Jesuit Universidad Centroamericana (UCA), Andreu Oliva, for his criticism of the Government of President Nayib Bukele and the Legislative Body.

Auerbach urged the repeal, citing his belief that Andreu Oliva, the University rector at UCA, has repeatedly and indiscreetly asserted that the role played by the Legislative Assembly is disastrous.

Furthermore, according to Auerbach, priest Oliva has asked the president of the Republic not to get carried away by his ambition and not carry out lying propaganda.

I have presented a proposal to repeal the decree that granted the title of Meritisimo Son of El Salvador to citizen Andreu Oliva. He has every right to be a political activist against the government, and we have every right to believe that he is no longer a Meritisimo Son. GANA deputy Romeo Auerbach.

The deputy noted that Father Oliva seems more like a political activist against the current Legislative Assembly and the current president than a Meritorious Son of El Salvador.

“He is being a bad son of El Salvador, because he attacks authorities elected directly and democratically by the people,” added the GANA deputy.

In April 2021, UCA’s University rector, Andreu Oliva, was honored with the title of Most Meritorious Son of El Salvador for his outstanding career in advocating for human rights and his significant contributions to education and culture.

Auerbach proposal was denounced by those critical of the Bukele administration and the Legislative Assembly. Gabriela Santos, the director of the UCA Human Rights Institute, expressed the following on “X” (previously Twitter).

How we wish we had plenty of time and Romeo Auerbach losing it in this way. It is even offensive to waste time and resources on such absurd things when there are so many more pressing country problems. Every day, they surpass themselves in their ineptitude. Gabriela Santos, UCA University.

Romeo Auerbach is a Legislative Assembly deputy representative of the La Libertad department. Auerbach is a politician from the GANA political party and a supporter of Nayib Bukele and the New Ideas Political party.