El Salvador Tourism

El Cuco beach El Salvador

Visit El Cuco beach El Salvador. The ideal beach to relax.

El Cuco beach El Salvador is a public beach in the eastern part of the country, in the department of San Miguel. El Cuco beach has vast shores, calm waves, … Read more

Surf spots in El Salvador

The best surf spots in El Salvador. Do you know them?

The best surf spots in El Salvador are El Tunco, El Zonte, Punta Roca, El Sunzal, Las Flores, Punta Mango, and Mizata. These surf spots are visited by local and … Read more

Scuba diving in El Salvador

Scuba diving in El Salvador. Get to know all the details here!

Scuba diving in El Salvador is possible at three locations, Lake Ilopango, Los Cobanos beach, and Coatepeque Lake. The Ilopango volcanic caldera is by far the most popular destination. When … Read more

Barra de Santiago El Salvador

Barra de Santiago El Salvador. Ocean, estuary, and river mouth.

The Barra de Santiago is a fascinating place were the ocean, estuary, and river mouth, come together. The Barra de Santiago has a beautiful beach and a protected wetland area … Read more

El Salvador International Airport

El Salvador International Airport. Oscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdamez.

El Salvador International Airport Oscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdámez (SAL), previously known as Comalapa International Airport is the only international airport in El Salvador. It is located in San Luis … Read more

Berlin El Salvador

Berlin El Salvador. Charming municipality in Usulutan.

Berlin El Salvador is both a city and a municipality located in the department of Usulutan. Berlin sits on the Tecapa-Chinameca mountain range, which is located about 122 kilometers east … Read more

Ilamatepec Volcano

Visit Ilamatepec Volcano, the tallest volcano in El Salvador.

The impressive Ilamatepec Volcano is the tallest stratovolcano in El Salvador. This imposing volcano is located in the western part of the Salvadoran territory; it rises to an altitude of … Read more

Traveling to El Salvador with tattoos

Traveling to El Salvador with tattoos, should you be worried?

Many visitors wonder if traveling to El Salvador with tattoos is going to be a problem; some wonder if they should take extra precautions when visiting or not visit the … Read more

Nejapa El Salvador

Nejapa El Salvador. Home to the balls of fire festival.

Nejapa El Salvador is a municipality and a town mainly famous for its crazy and traditional balls of fire festival, a unique celebration that is known all over the world. … Read more

Places to visit in El Salvador

12 Places to visit in El Salvador. Get to know them today.

The best places to visit in El Salvador include colorful towns such as Apaneca, Juayua, or Suchitoto. Also, it incorporates natural areas such as the Cerro Verde National park and … Read more