El Salvador Tourism

Whale-Watching in Los Cobanos Beach in El Salvador

Whale-Watching Season Begins at Los Cobanos Beach in El Salvador

The Salvadoran Ministry of the Environment (MARN) reported that the whale-watching season has begun in the Los Cobanos Protected Natural Area. MARN made the announcement on their X social media account on December 19. Whale watching at Los Cobanos beach in El Salvador is a captivating marine adventure usually available … Read more

La Puerta de Diablo, or the Devils Gate

La Puerta de Diablo, or the Devil’s Gate Park, Reopens After Five Years of Improvements

The Salvadoran Tourism Institute (ISTU) announced Thursday, December 7, the restart of operations of the iconic Puerta del Diablo park, located in Panchimalco. The park was closed for five years, since November 2018, for remodeling work. According to Istu publications, the Devil’s Gate will open from Monday to Sunday, from … Read more

La Costa del Sol El Salvador

La Costa del Sol El Salvador: The Perfect Beach Area for Relaxation

La Costa del Sol El Salvador is a beach in the La Paz department. It is an exceptional beach with vast cuisine options, a relaxing atmosphere, and plenty of activities to enjoy. Playa Costa del Sol El Salvador is 62 kilometers from the capital city, San Salvador, and just 28 … Read more

Surf City El Salvador

Surf City El Salvador, Positioning El Salvador Beaches as a Top Tourist Destination

Surf City El Salvador is a project created to increase tourism to El Salvador and make the country a top tourist destination. Surf City showcases the fantastic Salvadoran surf spots, beautiful beaches, and other tourist attractions. The project also seeks to change the world’s perception of El Salvador. The Surf … Read more

Olocuilta El Salvador.

Olocuilta El Salvador: Pupusas and Beyond, the Culinary Delights in Olocuilta

Olocuilta El Salvador is a municipality in La Paz recognized for its gastronomy, especially Pupusas. Olocuilta is known as the City of Pupusas thanks to its variety of Pupuserias and for making tasty rice Pupusas. Olocuilta El Salvador is located in the department of La Paz, right off the road … Read more

Volcanoes in El Salvador

Exploring Volcanoes in El Salvador: A Journey Through the Land of Volcanoes

The volcanoes in El Salvador range from towering stratovolcanoes such as Izalco, Santa Ana, San Vicente, and Chaparrastique to eroded volcanoes resembling a mountain such as Guazapa and Cerro Verde. El Salvador is called the land of volcanoes because it has 170 volcanoes in its territory and lies in the … Read more

El Boqueron National Park in El Salvador.

El Boqueron National Park: A Natural Paradise Overlooking El Salvador’s Capital City

El Boqueron National Park is located at the top of the San Salvador volcano. El Boqueron is a protected area with diverse flora and fauna on the outskirts of the nation’s capital, about 23 kilometers from the San Salvador historic district. This volcano sanctuary boasts breathtaking landscapes, lush forests, and … Read more