7 Facts You Should Know about Dating a Hispanic Woman

For many guys, dating and marrying Hispanic brides is a dream come true. These ladies are known for their fiery temperament, loyalty, and fantastic cooking skills. In fact, some guys are even willing to travel to countries such as Venezuela and Colombia to meet their future wife.

Unfortunately, dating a Latina can be a bit too much for some guys. You’ll quickly find out that their temperament is a double-edged sword and that you’ll constantly argue about unnecessary things. Of course, there are also cultural differences that can put a wedge in your relationship.

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1.    Extremely Jealous

Hispanic women are extremely passionate and loyal. Once they find their guy, they stick to him like glue, which does have its pros and cons. One of the biggest drawbacks of this loyalty is jealousy. Ladies from South and Central America will make your head spin with their constant nagging if you just take a peek at another lady.

So, if you wish to have a healthy relationship with a Latina, we suggest you cut ties with all other women you’ve previously communicated with. Be transparent about your calls and messages, as you don’t want her to suspect you of anything inappropriate. Also, try not to stare at other women in public or, if you do so, make sure she isn’t watching.

2.    She Will Run Late

People in South and Central America find it completely normal to run late on dates. A 10-minute delay is nothing special, and most women won’t even tell you that they’re sorry. This is especially true for weddings and family events, where there is no set timetable.

While this might be infuriating for Western men, it is something you’ll need to come to terms with. If you want her to come on time, we suggest scheduling an appointment earlier than intended or running late yourself. She probably won’t mind as much if you’re late, so that’s a good compromise.

3.    Family Affairs

Having four or five siblings is completely normal for Hispanos. These people are much more religious than Americans and are used to living with large families, something that Western men have a hard time getting used to. That being said, you shouldn’t be worried if she introduces you to her family.

Latinas introduce men to their families not because they’re certain about them but because they want to see how you’ll interact with other members. It’s a rite of passage of sorts, where a woman determines if you’re the right guy for her. Among other things, she will pay close attention to how you behave around her parents.

4.    Avoid Spanglish

Unless you’re really good at Spanish, you should avoid using the language in front of her. Some Americans might think this is endearing and a way to show appreciation for her culture, but it’s actually infuriating for most girls from the southern countries. This is especially true if you try to use it during sex.

However, there are certain situations where Spanish is allowed. For example, you can use it when talking to the elderly during family reunions as well as other family members who don’t speak good English. The same goes for dates; you might be forced to whip out a few phrases when visiting restaurants in her home city.

5.    Becoming a Girlfriend

The process of dating is taken very seriously in South and Central America. As these ladies are usually less promiscuous than Americans, they don’t get attached to just about anyone. In fact, they have a well-structured process that they use for most of their guys.

With that in mind, she won’t consider you seriously until you ask her to become your girlfriend. Basically, you need to make a formal request and ask her something along the lines of “Do you want to be my girlfriend?” Although this might sound a bit absurd to some Americans, especially if you dated for a while, this is simply how things go in their culture.

6.    Think About Food

Generally speaking, Hispanas are taught to cook from a very young age. Given that South and Central American cultures are rather conservative, with strong family values, women need to take their rightful place as stay-at-home moms. Most of them love making all sorts of goodies for their men and organizing large feasts for the entire family.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t take this for granted. In this modern day and age, many ladies never had time to perfect their cooking and instead focused on education. So, don’t be mad if she’s a poor cook. At the same time, if she cooks well, make sure to show your appreciation and compliment her food every once in a while.

7.    Overwhelmed by Marriage

If your relationship progresses to a point of marriage, you need to understand what you’re getting into beforehand. As mentioned, the whole process of dating and marriage is very sacred in Hispanic culture, especially when we consider these guys don’t divorce that often. Most of them are religious and will make sure to respect their vows.

Unfortunately, the whole marriage thing might be a bit overwhelming for Americans. Always remember that when you give her the ring, you’re also marrying her parents and siblings. Hispanic families are very hands-on when it comes to interpersonal relationships, which comes with its pros and cons.

For example, you’ll always have someone to help you out when repairing things around the house or when you need some other favor. However, you’ll also need to reciprocate that assistance and help out when you’re called upon. Some guys also find it irritating that there’s always someone in their house and that they have to attend all these family celebrations.

Last Thoughts

Based on everything said in this article, dating a Hispanic woman is much harder than you might’ve initially thought. These passionate ladies can make your life a mess in no time, and they’re especially troublesome if you’re a calm, non-confrontational person. Constant arguing, in particular, is one of the most common reasons why men break up.

Then again, they also provide numerous benefits that you won’t find in other ladies. They’re fantastic partners and mothers, incredible in bed, and will make sure your tummy is always full. As long as you follow some basic cultural rules and get used to her family, you can have an excellent relationship with one of these beauties.