July festivities in Santa Ana El Salvador

July Festivities in Santa Ana El Salvador. Get to know them today!

The July festivities in Santa Ana El Salvador transpire every year in July, from the 17th to the 26th. The July festivities are in honor of the patron saint of the city, “Our Lady of Santa Ana.” The Santa Ana July celebrations have become one of the most important traditions … Read more

Music of El Salvador

Music of El Salvador. Getting to know Salvadoran Music

The music of El Salvador is a result of the combination of colonial times Spanish influence with Mayan, Pipil, Lenca, and Cacaoperaa indigenous culture and modern sounds. The music of El Salvador is historically related to past events and everyday activities. This music help Salvadorans remember past nostalgic moments with … Read more

Want to Know the Perks of Bitcoin Trading? Check out the Details Below!

Well, bitcoin is the crypto that comes with an innovative payment network. Apart from it, it also comes with several significant benefits like immediate transactions, low charges or fees on transactions, worldwide acceptance, anonymity, transparency, etc., every day; many folks join the bandwagon of bitcoin. The objectives of investing in … Read more

Things you didn’t know about bitcoins!

Today, bitcoin is standing at the top of the cryptocurrency chart. It is the most popular crypto coin and also the most used cryptocurrency all over the world. One of the most important things you need to know is that cryptocurrencies are not free from fluctuations. Therefore, investing in cryptocurrencies … Read more

Healthcare System El Salvador

El Salvador Healthcare System. Everything you kneed to know!

El Salvador healthcare system is distributed into three unique sectors, the public or universal, the social insurance or El Seguro Social, and the private sector. All three Salvadoran healthcare systems have hospitals and clinics; however, the public or universal system is the one used by most Salvadorans. + Display Table … Read more